Friday, December 18, 2015

Good Morning

  Good morning friends

   I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and holiday season. Wow Christmas is almost here too.

   By now I have usually made lots of homemade cookies and candy to eat and to share but have not started. Actually it has been so warm here til just recently it feels more like spring then December. No complaints there at all, except all this unseasonal weather is aggravating my sinus' and allergies.

    Yesterday I did make an awesome gluten free banana bread with dark cocoa and currents added-yummy we all loved it!  Still very moist from the bananas and just a little bit of chocolate flavor. Also my newest go to baking spice is Penzey's cake spice which adds so much depth in flavor to all sorts of baked goods. I think the original spice blend was inspired by an English spice.

   So do you love to bake at Christmas time??
        I have always loved it, when I am working in my kitchen especially this time of year, it always brings back good family memories. 
     I have a vintage small trunk full of my collection of cookie cutters-many vintage, some newer. I will definately be making some cut outs. Last year I found a gluten free spritz cookie recipe that turned out so well-will be making that as well.  Of course some chocolate bark, my Grandma's recipes for peanut brittle and divinity. and can't forget my chocolate popcorn.  Good thing we have a few friends here that I can share most of these with. lol

     Last week I did get my newest usa made braided wool rug in-and fits perfectly under my small loom-so thrilled with this. It completes my living room space. Very soon I will get to working on this piece; threaded, woven off, and mailed to a friend.

  I do still have my handwoven wrap that I was hoping to find a home for. I just really lowered the price too, I want someone to enjoy this so it is not just sitting in my craft room. I have set the price way down from $175.00 to now $125.00 which will cover the cost of the yarns. Here is a link  Within the USA I will still include the free shipping, if anyone interested from overseas just message me. 

      I have to say we are enjoying our "instant" heat from our gas furnace. I was really feeling guilty at first using gas instead of our firewood-but I must say I am loving the fact that we have even heat in every room now-especially the bathroom-feels like heaven lol 

   I am so enjoying my kindle Voyage too. You know me my mind is usually back in the 1700s and 1800s lol and I ran into a book series by Dorothy Wiley  set in the late 1700s-about a family that went by wagon from established homes on the east coast to Kentucky. There listed as romantic historical novels but they are very tastefully written, and a real eye opener for me-what our ancestors went through on these journeys-I think there are 5 books in this series but each book can stand alone too. Highly recommend if you enjoy these type of novels.

       Enjoy the season everyone!!


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