Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Good Morning Everyone & Hanukkah Donuts

   The sun is a shining here in the Ozarks with high 60s and 70s by friday-amazing for December-I am enjoying every minute of it-even though we have soooo much mud here.

   Today I finally finished going through boxes of files-some I couldn't get to before so those got organized, and my business files and desk drawers got a go over too-so that's a good feeling.
    Next up is going through the several boxes of cd's and dvd's and items that go into another cabinet-probably tomorrow for that one.
   I am waiting for another wool braided made in the USA rug that should arrive this week. I ordered a 4x4 size rug that should fit perfectly under my small loom--Once that is in place-soon I Will get the project threaded that is on there and get it woven off-my friend has been waiting over a year now for this scarf-and I am anxious to try some saori weaving after this piece.

   I did purchase the kindle Voyage and I love it so far. the 3G does work where I live for downloading the books which is what I needed to work. No wi fi here though so I can do everything else-purchase and review books online. It is the perfect weight too that my hands can handle now. I am also loving the light that adjusts to my surroundings and I love the page press instead of swiping the screen-which was another feature I wanted.
   I did just read though, which is actually a good thing, that ebooks are down in sales this year and "real" books are up in sales-so hoping that is a continued trend. Some of the more known authors are really expensive on kindle, cheaper to buy a used book which I find frustrating. I was able to catch a one day big sale on Sparks newest release See Me for my kindle-which was excellent reading.
    Where I live the kindle will be really nice for me, living so rural the library is too big a hassle and still small from what I have been used to. For informative books like spinning dyeing etc a hard cover book is the better option for me.

   I tried out some new recipes for Larry's Hanukkah dinner on Sunday. Everything turned out so well-for once my latkes were perfect, and I learned how to make a little jelly donut-gluten free-and I even had the cast iron pan for it.  That was fun. 
     We have owned this Griswold cast iron pan for many years and never knew for sure what it was for-now I do. We loved these and will definately make more. They "bake" on top of the stove-I figured out 3 minutes on one side-turn over and another 3 minutes and they were perfectly cooked inside. They have a custardy texture-really awesome little donuts.

Here is the recipe I found online

(photos will enlarge)

  I am off to make lunch soon and then help do some digging that Larry needs for his phone and computer line to the shop. Later.

   Enjoy the season and pass on some love and hugs.



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