Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome in November and Congratulations to the KC Royals

   I haven't been this caught up with a sports team since I was glued to every game with Brett Favre playing for the Green Bay Packers

  And like I have written before I have never cared for baseball until about 3 years ago when I caught a game of the Royals. Sometimes you can just tell when a team is very special-the team is a family, they have heart, and their desire to win keeps them at the top of their game. I soooo enjoyed the games-just an amazing team to watch. Congratulations Kansas City Royals on your World Series Championship.

  This week will be more like a mid October week than November with temperatures climbing to the mid 70s for most of this week. I am hoping to get my veggie garden cleaned up and a few other areas with weeds pulled. 
   I got myself so stressed out after the Lowes guy came for the measurements-he was very late and I got the feeling he was working on padding my bill with leveling of my concrete floor-felt like I would be leaving myself open to a huge bill tacked on to the install--Lowes is suppose to call me today sometime so hope to learn more.
    With deer camp coming fast on the 14th  I just decided to get the living room in place enough for guests, start cleaning house, and plan food, and not worry about my floor right now--I am really close though to taking this flooring back for a refund and doing something else-like just paint it and put down nice throw rugs. For now I am working on staying calm about this and not make any hasty decisions just yet lol.

  On a happier note I harvested my sweet potato crop and wow I am so pleased, got many really nice sized potatos and a good amount as well when I was bringing them indoors to cure it felt like at least 30-40 pounds. I have another bag laid out similiar to this one, and another one with the smaller potatoes-and we both love sweet potatoes too. 
      I have learned through the years-they need to "cure" til they are dry and no longer damp-so I will be turning these and putting dry bags underneath from time to time too. Then I will wrap each potato seperately in newspaper and lay them in a cardboard box-they will stay good this way for 2 years or longer-my utility room seems to be a good spot in the house for them.

Have a good week!


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