Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's Been Awhile

  Good morning friends-so much has happened in the world since I last posted-our world is changing before our eyes and too fast for me.

  I won't get into politics, we all have our own views that never seem to waiver, but I am reaching out with love to all terrorists victims and the rest of us not to panic-but to do what we can to spread peace in the little worlds we live in.
   And not debating anything here but I do want to share, if you are not aware, that there is a bill being introduced this week that is saying the Feds must assure that any incoming refugee is safe and not a terrorists this bill is written more clearly and gives more accountability to those in the Federal agencies letting refugees into our country. I do not see anything wrong with that-the American people need to be protected from more terrorists entering our country. This bill just wants us to do a better job of the process-of course we all know that President O will veto this but I am hoping members of Congress understand the importance of this extra precaution and over ride his veto. 

    This coming weekend looks like our very first hard freeze-amazing really this late into November that we have green grass and nothing left in the veggie garden that is frozen.
     Deer camp went well which is mostly good eats and enjoying our friends that come down from Illinois and Wisconsin. No deer taken as it was just too hot to process the meat-so most went out into the woods just to enjoy it and watch lots of deer running around lol We were in the 70s and high 60s f.
    Next week the installers will come to lay my pergo flooring, one day to empty the room and level the floor and the next day to lay the floor and put everything back in place.
    I have been on the hunt to find a good furniture upholsterer. My vintage solid oak furniture needs new fabric and new cushions. The local furniture store referred me to another business and he came out yesterday to look at my furniture. He is booked up til mid January so he will be back then to pick up my furniture. I am so excited about this, I just don't care for the cheap but high priced (for what it is) furniture being sold today. These pieces have been in my family since I was old enough to remember them and about 30 years ago or so Mom had re upholsered them as well. I need to drop by his shop and choose fabric-how fun.
       Last week our gas heat was hooked up. what a blessing this is. We have not had a furnace in this home since '98 only fire wood for heat. I do miss the warmth of the woodstoves allot-but having a warm bathroom finally-is such a treat. I may break down and buy a load of firewood so we can supplement when it gets really cold like in the 20s. that will seem strange with acres of wood here lol  no fun getting older that is for sure.

   With all the hard work I have done on my living room I am anxious for the floor to be installed and back to more normal, and to be able to get back to my crafts. I miss working with my creativity so much.

  Enjoy your day-and pass on a smile or a hug to that somebody that needs one


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