Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all my American friends

  This week will  be a busy one for many of us.  Although it is just the two of us-I will be busy too-my new floor install starts tomorrow and will be finished by end of Wednesday-It has been stressing me out and getting me excited at the same time.
    This year I am going to brine a turkey for the first time ever-not sure yet if I want to serve us a whole turkey or just the turkey breast. I am going to use hard cider (angry orchard) for the brine. Of course I will be making us a pie, and other home made dishes.

   In this busy week I want to take time to be thankful and I am very thankful. This has been a rough year and actually seems like a long year too-but I have much to reflect on and to be thankful for.

   Happy Thanksgiving

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