Saturday, November 28, 2015

Good Morning Everyone

    Well have you all eaten so much that you are too stuffed-and shopped til you drop??  LOL

     We have been enjoying the pies I had made for breakfast and snacks now   I made an apple-raisin pie, pumpkin pie, and my Mom's recipe for blueberry-cranberry pie. Nice to have pie to share with friends too.
     I also finally got a gluten free pie crust to work-I am using Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 flour with my standard recipe but adding an egg to it-can't tell it's gluten free and easy to roll out and get it into the pan-finally success with that.

    I made my turkey different this year; decided to brine it. Have never done this before but I read a tutorial on it from one of my friend's blogs, and I also watched Farmhouse Rules on Food Network where she brined hers with hard cider. I used Angry Orchard's hard cider and added two bottles of water per one bottle of cider. The day it was cooking I was not so sure about it though, it just smelled not good. However, the turkey was very very moist and delicious with just a hint of the apple. The following day the meat was still very moist-so was pleased with the results.

   My floor is down and I am very thrilled. The installers were very professional and knew what they were doing-unlike the first person that came out. I did not need to level the floor at all, so it was done in one day. Also they moved the furniture from one side to the next instead of having to empty the room-it just went so smooth. The first person that came out did not order enough caulk so we needed to go to Lowes to buy more. Still working on hubby to get that finished so I can set up my desk area. I am about ready to do this myself but I am really terrible with caulk so am trying to be patient.
     We also had a trouble area between the dining room and the living room and the installers fixed that-it just needs a good caulking now on the edges. I am not going to worry about a threshold piece there since the height is still quite different between the two rooms.
   In all my reading I had not read that Pergo laminate flooring can not have any water on it at all-so I am deciding no shoes on this floor, and no more food or drink in my living room either-except my coffee cup on my desk. I went with a rustic look-Pergo laminate has many choices now-and I am very happy with this look-highlights the stone wall and my ranch oak furniture pieces really look nice too.(photos will enlarge)

       I found rugs at LL Bean online-the one in front of the woodstove area is a real wool hearth rug-very thick. I also bought a usa wool handmade braided rug that I thought would just fit under my loom-but I had forgotten about the oval being smaller on the ends-sigh-doesn't fit, so am hoping this will work by my desk-if not I will use it under the coffee table. Larry has a couple wood pieces; a filing cabinet and another piece that I am hoping to use behind my desk-that will also get my computer workings off the top of my desk except for the monitor, speakers, and keyboard which will give me more room when doing bookwork. 

   I did find someone to reuphoster my couch and recliner, (can't remember if I mentioned that here). My Mom had these vintage pieces redone about 30 years ago so they really need it. He has time to do it mid January. I am much happier keeping this solid oak furniture then turning it into something I don't care for from China. I looked at allot of companies and just nothing appeals to me.

   One fun thing was to put back all the electronics on the big projection tv-good thing I took photos and labeled all the cords-otherwise I would still be without a tv lol Just in time to watch the Green Bay Packers and Chicago game-which I mostly wanted to see Brett Favre's number 4 being retired and posted in the stadium. It was so special too that Bart Starr was able to attend.

   I think this will be a lazy day today-cold and gloomy outdoors, which by the way I am loving our gas furnace heat-a warm bathroom is the best part. I am so glad I was able to afford to do this-as hubby's fall a few months back has been really bad on him.

  I also wanted to share a book I learned about on the PBS NewsHour last night Reclaiming Conversation  They were interviewing the author about her book and her studies-and wow everything she was saying I can see first hand. This is about the effect of the digital age on our lives.
   When we retired in 2003 there were no smart phones as of yet, and we moved very rural in the woods so now wi fi and these fancy phones don't work well and we didn't need cell phones any more with our lifestyle-especially these smart phones. But when I observe our friends when they come down, and a couple of hubby's employees I can see how many are so glued to their phones they have lost their communication skills, and even their etiquette too. Very sad-a real eye opener of what is happening. Just wanted to share this.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.



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