Friday, October 9, 2015

Stopping by to Say Hello

Hello friends.

I am still working on my living room redo and hubby is still working on his new work space

Thankfully we are having a warm October so far-The company we had hired a couple months back to finish installing our gas furnace has not been out yet-they are swamped with a big job now-I told him we have no firewood this year so we need this done by November at the very latest. Nice I don't need to start a fire yet in the wood stoves (we have one rack of wood left from last year) and hubby doesn't need to plug in an electric heater yet in his building.

He needs a little more sanding done and then will be ready to paint-I told him I would help with that when he is ready. I like to put a coat of kilnz on first to seal up all the drywall and then paint. He also needs to finish installing the bathroom.

For me-I have finished stenciling the one side of the room and am now painting the kilnz. I have those walls painted-and the ceiling painted in that corner-moved the big tv back to the wall along with a cabinet-and will paint as much as I can on the ceiling today before I need to move the chairs, couch, and this time my heavy oak desk with computer to the middle of the room-so I can get to the ceiling in that area and stencil two small walls-the ones next to the bay window.  Once that area is all stenciled and painted I can then start to paint for real-and I am on a short deadline now. Instead of end of October I have til the 18th before a friend comes down to bow hunt. I told him if I don't get finished he will just have to set up his cot in the dining room lol  he doesn't care though. Oh and our friend Mr L loves my leaves-he checks on them every day lol

We have both been working long days-I would start earlier but have to wait for the best light to paint now as I am painting white on white.  So I feel like I am missing my favorite time of year to natural dye-but will be so happy once everything is completed in the living room. I am for sure waiting to install the flooring after deer camp and after hubby is set up in his new business space. I am no carpenter so need him to make the cuts for me.

So what have you all been up to???  Sorry I haven't been around to visit  much in my spare time or breaks- I have been reading ebooks on my computer instead.


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