Sunday, October 18, 2015

After Much "Sticktoitness" (is that a word lol) The Ceiling is Finished

I finished finally around 3 pm yesterday. I took a photo of the last corner and then the completion. The photos don't show the color well but I do really love it. It went on darker then when dried it is a very very soft beige type color. I don't like white so am happy with my choice for this. 

Our friend will be here this afternoon to visit and bow hunt so I was able to get the living room put together enough so we can use it but I can still get at the walls to paint those. I decided to buy a paint and glaze to highlight the leaves. I ended up not needing to purchase 2 gallons for the ceiling-the kilnz sealed it so well that it was good on the final paint. I had purchased the 2 gallons at different times-so I poured them together to make sure the color would be the same-I have a little left that didn't fit back into the gallon can so I may work up that into a glaze too for the leaves. The extra gallon will work great for the long hallway that needs to be done.
    The walls will be the fun part for me, and I may start on a wall today once I get some things cleaned up in the house. The dining room was a mess too with stuff from the living room but was able to move things around so we can walk around better.
   My body is screaming a bit today so I may just wait to paint til tomorrow.

  We have been so blessed with gorgeous perfect weather for our projects-no need to run wood stoves still, and hubby does not need to run an electric heater yet in his building. His building got the final paint finished on friday, yesterday some things got moved down, and a work bench built--Progress for him as well. 
    He is finally healing from his horrible fall, he just now started getting feeling in his hand again. Still wearing the splint for the broken finger-which the break ended up being close to the knuckle-he still can not do the fine work of repairing scopes yet though.

Photos will enlarge just click on them

I have been watching the championship games with the Kc Royals-so much fun to watch them, and the Green Bay Packers are playing so well that they have been running their games here so far--so loving that. 

We had a little cold spell come through here but still no frost and it will be warming up now again every day for the coming week-thank you thank you Mother Nature for this

Happy Sunday to all of you.


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