Friday, October 30, 2015

Good Morning Brrrrr it is quite chilly in the house this morning

  Good morning all, I haven't posted in a bit so a little catch up
   I absolutely can not complain about the weather this month as it has been perfect. A couple days ago we did get a little much needed rain -first in about 2 months now. Still no killing frost here, but this  morning had to be in the low 30s as the house is quite chilly with no heat.
    I am reluctant to start using wood yet as we only have one rack left and Most of next week brings us back to those perfect 70s and low 40s and 50s at night so perfect for us right now-as we wait for the furnace to get hooked up.

   Hubby is pretty much moved into his new shop space. Just a few more things to get moved in. Plumbing still needs to get finished for the bathroom. I still serve everyone lunch at noon-but it is really nice now not to have everyone in the house during the day. 
     Soon I will be able to clean hubby's room in the house-it was just sooo packed that no way to clean in there really. There is a huge vintage trunk in that room with all of our leather coats, vests, etc that I will finally be able to get to-excited about that for sure-and in one corner we have these very awesome cabinets-floor to ceiling with loads of drawers-that have my clay molds for large cookie baking-so excited about that too and just in time for holiday baking. And hubby will finally have his room back so he can work on his own personal things. I think he will really enjoy that again.

   For my living room project the walls are now all painted. I do love the color, but had spent allot of money on glaze and paint for the leaves-that just did not work out-so painted over it.The idea was for the leaves to stand out when you walked in the room-but since the leaves were the only textured areas on the wall it looked like blobs of color instead of the leaves. That was disappointing for me for sure.  Afterwards, someone suggested that I could have colored the plaster mud for the leaves and applied that after the walls were painted-not sure how that would have turned out--but when you are in the room near a wall one can still enjoy the leaves-so it's a subtle detail. The biggest plus for me is that this room is finally more "normal", clean and freshly painted, and no more huge water stains up on the ceiling-loving that.

  I took a couple photos-there is so much light in this room that it is difficult to capture the color which is a lovely brown tone-- photos will enlarge

  As to my Pergo flooring, the more I tried to find the right information for installing online it got more confusing for me as the information was different. I also don't know how to make the cuts needed around the room, don't know how to install that piece that goes on between floors-so with a little push from our friend that visited last week I decided to call Lowes for installation. I also discovered that for the baseboards around the room I can buy the matching Pergo.  The installers will be here late today for the measurements of the room-they said they do that cause some people don't purchase enough materials. I lose another week after I purchase the trims too-would be nice if they could install the floor just in time for deer camp. 
     I have a few very heavy pieces of furniture in this room-of course that costs more money for them to move, I need to find out if the room needs to be emptied or if they can install half the room and then move that furniture over on top of it. Otherwise I need to figure out where to put some of these pieces-I know I always over think these things lol but I want to be prepared.

  One thing always leads to another expense it seems-our huge projection tv is  about 13 years old now and is starting to lose color, I was noticing the change but didn't realize how bad til hubby watched a show with me last night-he usually is up working in the middle of the night through supper time so he hits the sack early and watches a tv in the bedroom. So now to research tvs online-so confusing, and is it better to catch sales end of November or buy in January when newer tvs are out??
  It will also may be difficult for me to get used to these new tvs as for the last 30 years we have watched a 60" projection tv  oh well

   On to baseball, as I wrote this time last year I have never watched baseball games hardly ever especially not on tv-but about 3 years ago I started watching the Kansas City Royals-and I love this team-I love their personalities, that they fight for the win always-really fight for it-and most all the players chew gum not chewing tobacco lol   So it has been sooooo much fun for me watching these championship games-I sure hope they bring in the win.
   Of course I wanted a sweatshirt or a fleece blanket to wear while watching the games-but the online prices for me at this stage of my life were just too expensive-$50.00 on up plus shipping sorry I can't do that anymore. So I went on Ebay and searched out handmade bracelets-and I found a seller making team inspired jewelry at very affordable prices and free shipping-so happy with my purchase-I ended up buying one for the KC Royals and one for the Green Bay Packers both less expensive than one sweatshirt-and fun to wear as well. She also let me choose all the charms that I wanted and she made the KC Royals charm for me-so am very pleased-if interested here is her page on Facebook-she is also on Ebay

Now that I have written a book I better close this post-lol Happy Halloween everyone

Sunday, October 18, 2015

After Much "Sticktoitness" (is that a word lol) The Ceiling is Finished

I finished finally around 3 pm yesterday. I took a photo of the last corner and then the completion. The photos don't show the color well but I do really love it. It went on darker then when dried it is a very very soft beige type color. I don't like white so am happy with my choice for this. 

Our friend will be here this afternoon to visit and bow hunt so I was able to get the living room put together enough so we can use it but I can still get at the walls to paint those. I decided to buy a paint and glaze to highlight the leaves. I ended up not needing to purchase 2 gallons for the ceiling-the kilnz sealed it so well that it was good on the final paint. I had purchased the 2 gallons at different times-so I poured them together to make sure the color would be the same-I have a little left that didn't fit back into the gallon can so I may work up that into a glaze too for the leaves. The extra gallon will work great for the long hallway that needs to be done.
    The walls will be the fun part for me, and I may start on a wall today once I get some things cleaned up in the house. The dining room was a mess too with stuff from the living room but was able to move things around so we can walk around better.
   My body is screaming a bit today so I may just wait to paint til tomorrow.

  We have been so blessed with gorgeous perfect weather for our projects-no need to run wood stoves still, and hubby does not need to run an electric heater yet in his building. His building got the final paint finished on friday, yesterday some things got moved down, and a work bench built--Progress for him as well. 
    He is finally healing from his horrible fall, he just now started getting feeling in his hand again. Still wearing the splint for the broken finger-which the break ended up being close to the knuckle-he still can not do the fine work of repairing scopes yet though.

Photos will enlarge just click on them

I have been watching the championship games with the Kc Royals-so much fun to watch them, and the Green Bay Packers are playing so well that they have been running their games here so far--so loving that. 

We had a little cold spell come through here but still no frost and it will be warming up now again every day for the coming week-thank you thank you Mother Nature for this

Happy Sunday to all of you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


  I just got a message from one of my blog friends that was also following my Kathyinozarks Fiber and Soap Seller Blog-telling me she  got this wierd message for porn sent from Midnight Hot Fashion TV Photos but they were also using my Kathyinozarks seller's blog name.

If you should get an email from google similiar this is NOT me-as do to no activity on that blog I deleted it over 6 months ago and would never send out emails like that.

Does anyone know how to contact google blogger about this?? thanks

Friday, October 9, 2015

Stopping by to Say Hello

Hello friends.

I am still working on my living room redo and hubby is still working on his new work space

Thankfully we are having a warm October so far-The company we had hired a couple months back to finish installing our gas furnace has not been out yet-they are swamped with a big job now-I told him we have no firewood this year so we need this done by November at the very latest. Nice I don't need to start a fire yet in the wood stoves (we have one rack of wood left from last year) and hubby doesn't need to plug in an electric heater yet in his building.

He needs a little more sanding done and then will be ready to paint-I told him I would help with that when he is ready. I like to put a coat of kilnz on first to seal up all the drywall and then paint. He also needs to finish installing the bathroom.

For me-I have finished stenciling the one side of the room and am now painting the kilnz. I have those walls painted-and the ceiling painted in that corner-moved the big tv back to the wall along with a cabinet-and will paint as much as I can on the ceiling today before I need to move the chairs, couch, and this time my heavy oak desk with computer to the middle of the room-so I can get to the ceiling in that area and stencil two small walls-the ones next to the bay window.  Once that area is all stenciled and painted I can then start to paint for real-and I am on a short deadline now. Instead of end of October I have til the 18th before a friend comes down to bow hunt. I told him if I don't get finished he will just have to set up his cot in the dining room lol  he doesn't care though. Oh and our friend Mr L loves my leaves-he checks on them every day lol

We have both been working long days-I would start earlier but have to wait for the best light to paint now as I am painting white on white.  So I feel like I am missing my favorite time of year to natural dye-but will be so happy once everything is completed in the living room. I am for sure waiting to install the flooring after deer camp and after hubby is set up in his new business space. I am no carpenter so need him to make the cuts for me.

So what have you all been up to???  Sorry I haven't been around to visit  much in my spare time or breaks- I have been reading ebooks on my computer instead.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Finished the Texturing and Tried a Few Leaf Stencils on Walls

Click photos to enlarge for better viewing

I took the first photo early this morning right after I finished that last area-that was still wet. The next two photos are my leaf stencils used with this same joint mud-using to cover up some bad spots in walls I  am going to place them randomly around the walls as well

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Checking In

Good morning to all my friends and readers and Welcome in October-one of my most favorite months of the year.

     I have busy busy helping hubby do some things he can't do with his broken finger and super swollen hand, and working on my ceiling-still. This was much harder for me than I anticipated especially with constantly moving heavy furniture around-but I can see the end of the texturing soon.
    It will need a coat of Kilnz paint first and then the paint-and next on to the walls which are in worse shape than I realized so will be using my leaf stencils to hide the worse areas. That also involves removing all the socket covers-I bought new ones, and removing all the base trim-and purchasing new trim. I also will need new door trim for that oak door which leads to my creative room. I am thinking of looking at Pergo's trim to see how expensive it is so will match the floors.
    I was hoping to get my floor in after the walls but we have deer camp here mid November so don't know if I can get it done by then-will see how the time goes

(photo will enlarge just click on it)

I am so far behind on everything else-garden clean up etc, and no natural dyeing-sigh-I am working on not getting distracted from this living room renovation. Although it pains me see the goldenrod blooming and not dyeing with it and my indigo is ready as well-sigh.

We saw one lone hummingbird at the feeders last week so they are all gone now-off to their next home-I miss them already-but I have replaced the nectar feeders with lots of seed feeders.

For my breaks instead of blogging and facebook I have been reading on my computer kindle. Just finished the two box sets of Morna's Legacy by Bethany Claire. These are Scottish romance stories with time travel-have really enjoyed the series and anxious now for her next book in the series.The time period is from the 1600s and traveling to the present-fun idea as I would love to go back to the 1700s or 1800s 
     I have decided to purchase either the paperwhite or voyage kindle-waiting for cyber monday in hopes of sales.

  Hope this finds you all well, happy and in good spirits


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