Saturday, September 12, 2015

More Progress--Updated Photo

I decided this morning to take a break from the living room and paint in the kitchen. I wanted to see if I did good choosing the color to match in with my hand dyed curtains, barnwood trim, stainless panels and our cobalt color lighting.

I am very pleased with this color. What do you think? This was a heritage color by Valspar click to enlarge photos

I did get half of the season textured now, so am up to moving furniture again and doing the rest of it.

I also ordered my pergo flooring yesterday morning so am getting excited about that. I order 4 beveled sides and distressed oak-not dark and not too light. I think it will go perfect with the rock wall and woodstove in this room, and my parent's vintage ranch oak furniture.

Update:   I just finished the second wall which picks up by the window and sink area and on around to my big 10 burner Wolf commercial stove.   This color darkened the area quite a bit but I love it so much better. Putting the shelves up will break this up too.

I need to let this dry and then go over it again with another coat or at least touch up. I always paint a coat of kilnz first but these new paints say the primer is now in the paint, but this wall was picking up white from the walls so some of it is streaked a bit. Definately looks so much cleaner and fresh now. 

Under the stainless panels is a one unit L shape stainless steel counter that includes two sinks-I love this for ease of cleanliness. It sits on a frame work so underneath I need shelves-I will take everything out of there and paint the wall behind-and see if I can find someone to help me with shelves-perhaps Mr L can help me with that.  I won't know what to do with storage spaces-finally.


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