Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's Just Been One of Those Weeks

  We all go through them-those weeks that are on the stressful side but our closest friends here helped out.

  It started out with last week Saturday, hubby and Mr L decided to go trout fishing at Bennett Springs-and really early in the morning-so they would get to the park just barely daylight-better to get their favorite fishing spot that way.  On the little path down to the river hubby tripped on some rocks that were now sticking out and fell down-hard. He fell face down so between his eyes-upper nose caught the brunt of another rock-his face, especially both eyes are black. He also broke his finger on right hand. 
   Of course this did not deter him from fishing, he got up after about 5 minutes evaluating what might be broke and headed to the river. and the fish were biting for once. Some how he managed to catch his limit of 4 fish with his broken fishing pole-amazing--that day he wasn't up to going to the er, decided to go in the next morning early if he thought his hand was broke.
    We didn't care for the er doctor at all as he did not spend any time with us and did not explain anything at all either. He peeked in the room saw hubby's face and says we are doing a cat scan-hubby says no-I came in for xrays on my hand to see what is broken.  So after 3 hours refusing blood tests, and refusing the cat scan, and waiting for someone to read the x rays in Springfield, Mo-we finally got out of there-one of his fingers is broken  but from the cast they put on him we are thinking more like the knuckle area is broke-we will know more when we see an orthopedic md next week.
   With all this going on-we were in the process of digging a very long trench from the pole to the little building for hubby's studio space to get new electric service in. Rain is always a concern so this had to be done by thursday for inspection and friday morning to get the electric work in.
   Long story short--we have heavy equipment here, but we thought this different machine would be better to rent-faster and not as wide a ditch--in the end-lots of money spent on a poorly maintained machine had to go back and use our own trencher instead. I went online and found a yellow page service for this rental company and gave them a bad review and put it on facebook too. The machine was not safe to use and had no sharp teeth to cut the ground with-and they do not issue refunds-and they are the only rental service closeby-not good.
    With the help of one of hubby's techs and Mr L the trench got dug, inspection passed, electric in, trench covered about 5 hours before the rains came,  Larry couldn't run the machine with a broken hand so big thanks to the two friends-I made sloppy joes, fresh cabbage slaw, and apple-cranberry pie on digging day.
    Also big thanks to one of my Missouri online friends for making hubby a big jar of healing comfrey salve-for healing.

Aren't friends wonderful?  We would not have gotten this electric in without their help. The building still has soooo much work to do and hubby is getting himself very depressed since he can't work on scopes or his building. To hopefully cheer him up I bought a small bag of jumbo raw shrimp from Aldi's this morning-I will make a shrimp boil tonight with steamed fresh veggies.

With so much happening this week, and with me going in to get the mail, pick up one of our workers and take her back, and making lunches for everyone-I haven't had allot of time to concentrate on my ceiling-hope to get lots more done tomorrow. 
     This morning I picked up my pergo floor-wow those boxes are heavy-I carried in 15 boxes,  I had to send one box back and order a new one since the corner was all smashed in. The main person was trying to talk me into taking the bad box and I said no. I asked one of the guys that was loading it all in my suv what he thought-he looked at it-and said yes all smashed send it back. Was glad he backed me up.

Here are a few photos of the week-minus a photo of hubby-too scarey. all photos will enlarge just click on them


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