Friday, September 4, 2015

Is it Really Labor Day Weekend Already?? & Ceiling Work & Bath Recipe

  In some ways this seemed like a long Spring and then a long Summer, but as Autumn approaches-well I just can't wait. Hoping it's a lovely season and not an abundance of rain like our other seasons this year.
   However when I think of the year as a whole I say-can it really be Labor Day weekend already? Us here in the States celebrate Labor Day this coming Monday as our last official cook out day and enjoying outdoor activities to end our summers. Also to celebrate us too the labor force. 
  Here in my area of Missouri we are back to extremes in humidity again with upper 90s as actual temperatures (F) but with Autumn approaching we are getting down to the upper 60s instead of those upper 70s at dawn which is nice.

   Well enough about the weather, I seem to write about that too much I know-any plans for your holiday weekend???

   I had been keeping up with walking til yesterday when I began to tackle the living room ceiling.  My goal right now is to get 4000 steps in a day or close to it. The last walk I took even though I sprayed my clothes I still came home with too many bug bites from head to toe, and the humidity was too much for me. Our home is long so I had been meeting my steps walking in the house too. My new pedometer is to arrive tomorrow-Saturday-so no more counting in my head lol

   Yesterday I decided since it is too hot for me to work outdoors this week and through the weekend and Monday I would tackle the ceiling-This project of the living room would go much faster if it weren't for all the heavy furniture placed around the room. We did move the dining room table back enough to get my weaving loom in the dining room-and for all the rest being heavily covered with lots of plastic I can work around all that for now. It will need to get emptied in some cases and moved out from the walls when I paint those walls.
   This ceiling had gotten water damage when we first bought the property do to a leak in the roof-so hubby put a new roof in right away. He put up fresh drywall in the bad areas at the time planning on redoing the whole ceiling-well that is just not going to happen now. So I was working on a simple texture to help cover the bad patches yesterday. Hopefully when it is all done and painted it won't look so bad-at least it will make me feel better.
    My craft room walk way is now filled up with things from the living room so I couldn't get to the area of where I keep tools for textures-but I did find a plastic piece I had kept so that is what I am using. click to enlarge photos

These projects are always harder and take longer in our senior years-but I am determined to tackle the house projects like this in the coming months.

This week I was browsing Pinterest for bubble bath recipes-most were pretty similiar using ingredients of Dr Bonner's liquid castile soap, baby shampoo, glycerin, essential oils, salts, and oils like sweet almond oil, and one included egg whites for lots and lots of bubbles.
    I decided to make up a recipe using several ideas. I decided not to add the egg whites cause I made a big container of it and didn't want to worry about spoilage.
    My recipe is more of a luxurious soak that was sooo good for my skin instead of lots of bubbles.(I do miss the bubbles though lol   Here is my recipe.

    I purchased a made in the USA Rubbermaid product that was designed to make cold drinks in and keep in the frig. I didn't want glass in the bath area and decided this would hold allot, easy to pour, and safe to use. I think it was about 2 quarts-and this recipe though I didn't figure out the math fit just perfect. (I doubled this recipe)

                   Kathy's Soaking Bath

1/2 cup quality baby shampoo (I used Shea Moisture baby head to toe shampoo that I found at Vitamin Shoppe)

1 cup Dr. Bonner's liquid castile soap (I used Dr. Bonner's hemp baby shampoo I found on Vitamin Shoppe)

2 3/4 cups water

1 ounce coconut glycerin (found on Vitamin Shoppe-I wanted a natural glycerin and this is what they had-it's wonderful)

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil (this I actually found at our Wal Mart along with their essential oils-a nice surprise)

20 drops lavender essential oil-or any essential oil you prefer

I lightly mixed this together so not to get suds.

When I put it under the faucet in my bath it did make some nice suds but they did not last-but what remained was a luxurious bath that I could feel replenishing my dry skin-it was wonderful. My skin is still smooth this morning.

Next time when I double this recipe I may not double both the glycerin and the almond oil-I would choose one or the other to double-as there was allot of good ingredients in this brand of baby shampoo that also was good for the skin. There was also a little slickness left in the bath afterwards that needs to be wiped out.

As for our hummingbirds-I would say a good number have left on their long migration journey. I no longer need to fill the feeders first thing in the morning-but I do re fill them early afternoon, and some days I also fill just before dark. We are up to 235 pounds of sugar now-if I need more I will open up a 10 pound bag instead of a 25 pound bag. We also no longer have the 40 or more little hummers at the feeders at one time now. As their numbers lessen I will start taking down the feeders to clean up and pack away, and just keep two feeders full. We may see a few hummers til mid september. I am thinking this super hot string of days is keeping them here a little longer.

When I go to town I have been enjoying wearing my new bracelets-I really love them-they make me happy.

Happy Friday everyone


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