Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day

 Happy Labor Day to all my USA readers.

Are you taking the day off or are you laboring??

Hubby always works never takes time off for himself-ever it seems, I am going to make his favorite meal today BBQ ribs with some veggie sides.  Still super hot and humid here so don't know if I want to brave the outdoors and grill or make them in the oven.  

I took yesterday off from the ceiling-slow progress as this is really getting to my neck already, but I went into town and bought another gallon of ceiling paint just to be sure I had enough, and moved out some heavy furniture from the wall.  I also bought new covers for the sockets. 
     I think I will attempt to do at least a little today-if I don't stay with it this will not get finished in a timely manner. What I am trying to cover up on the ceiling is going so so-but I will like it better and this room will be cleaner-so that'a a main point.

I also picked up a gallon of semi gloss to paint the wall in the kitchen where the cabinets are suppose to be. Larry designed this area as a custom-he was planning on making them for me-so when I looked into buying some nothing fits in this space right-I do not want to hire the work done for custom cabinets (just sounds like too much money to put out at this stage in my life now)-so I have decided to paint this wall-actually two walls as it wraps around up to my big Wolf stove-and will find where the studs are and then just buy some nice brackets and put wood shelving up. We bought lovely white hickory lumber to make cabinets with from the Amish sawmill so I am just going to do that-I need easy right now and useable. I chose a blue paint that hopefully will go with the colbalt accents I have and should go nicely with the stainless.

  Of course hubby is shaking is head at me-he doesn't know about the paint I got for the kitchen yet lol- and wondering why not work on the bathroom-the problem with that is we only have one bathroom-I can't get him to finish the rocked shower so we can use that while the tub is out-so I can finish the rocks-and on it goes lol  I will tackle that this winter for sure. ( I can just see my long time readers and friends rolling their eyes at this-as you have heard this before lol) new readers in my search tool look for rock shower for lots of posts and photos

   What are your food plans for this Labor Day??-enjoy your day whatever you plan and here is a little history on the day


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