Friday, September 4, 2015

Do You Have an EReader?? Do You Love It??

  I have been researching Amazon's kindle paperwhite and voyager ereaders. This would be quite a gift for myself if I decide to purchase one-I will wait for cyber Monday and the holidays for hopefully a price break.

  I have the free kindle app on my computer which I have enjoyed but when reading a large novel it is quite uncomfortable after a few hours sitting at the desk computer. So I really thought I would enjoy an ereader. Our local library is pretty good for the most part but in bad weather I don't care to go up and back to town for the library books, and they don't always have the books I want to read-it is a rural library. We can check them out for just 2 weeks.

  I really do enjoy the feel of and reading a "real" book but with arthritis issues holding up a week when I am laying down is having issues in my wrists.

  I also started looking up authors that I enjoy and even after 5 years of the published date, the kindle prices seem high on many of the books, especially when I can usually buy a used book on amazon for one penny and the $3.99 shipping so $4.00 is cheaper than many of the kindle prices for the same book.

  So those of you that have an ereader-do you love it? happy you spent the money for one? I would need to purchase a 3G for it to work in my rural setting too, and I don't travel so don't need it for that either. another question do any of you think the $9.99 a month for unlimited reading on many of the books is worth it? I am not seeing allot of well know authors included in that.

  Thanks for your input.


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