Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Little More Progress

I ended up taking Sunday and Monday off to rest my neck-which didn't really help all that much, so I am just doing about 45 minutes at a time, take a break and do some more through out the day
      One of our friends stopped by yesterday morning and I could tell from his mannerism that he so hated what I was doing. He didn't like it at all. He hadn't said anything so I said you know to do this right the whole ceiling needs to come down and done over-but at our age especially hubby's we are not able to do that anymore so since I like textures on my walls anyways I am doing this to hopefully cover up the bad patched areas. He rolls his eyes and says "good luck with that"
     Wow that did make me feel bad at first-but then you know what? I like it, this is my living room I am doing all the hard work and I think once it's painted it will look awesome. So there lol

  I am loving the cooler weather and we did get a little rain yesterday too-still humid today though with a little more rain coming in-by this coming weekend we will have fall temps for sure-if it knocks down the humidity I am all for it.

   Since I put all my crafts away til I get these house projects completed I have been reading again. I have books I am reading on my kindle app on my computer-and I am reading the Twilight books-this is my 5th read this year and I am on the last book again now. There is something about this author that when I read these books it is like watching a favorite movie-and I am not referring to the Twilight movies-as these books are soooo much better. I never get bored I am still captivated and can't put these books down. and after a couple months-I am ready to read them all over again-anyone else have this experience with books you just have to read again??

  From my friend's blog at Lavender Dreams she shared a link to Senior Adventures  blog where on Wednesday's she has a link up for anyone wanting to write-a poem, a short story etc that was influenced by a photo-I think this is a wonderful way to be creative, I may join in soon. This is called Wednesday's Wit and Wisdom.

   Are any of you familiar with the company ?  I ran into them while browsing Amazon for holiday baking ingredients-especially for fruitcakes. Last year I couldn't believe it but no local stores even Wal mart carried the glazed fruits I needed especially the pineapple. I always make Larry and his father homemade fruitcakes-I use a very old traditional English recipe that is a dark cake-mostly fruits and nuts and just enough cake to hold it all together.  So this year I decided to find the ingredients early so I can make this in October like I used to always do.  This company has fabulous nuts, glazed and dried fruits, all kinds of raisins, candies, some gluten free and sugar free items too. I was very very happy with my purchases. The raisins are gourmet-very large and plump-I can see a fabulous raisin pie being made for the guys soon. lol 

  Well I am off for a second cup of decaf coffee with a little whipped cream on top and back to the ceiling.

   Enjoy your day!!

Update this afternoon:
    While working on the ceiling I had a brain storm lol I am working on thinking positive here not thinking of what we can't do anymore.  This room  (living room) still has no floor just the concrete-ugh I had a large throw rug in the middle but since I am doing all this work anyways why not get a real floor-finally???
    We had purchased some beautiful wood at the amish sawmill that we have been curing and I wanted to peg it too-but that is all too much for us right now-especially for hubby-it all needs to be finished or what ever one does to make flooring out of it.
    Soooo I got to thinking about a quality pergo floor-as much as I don't like fake stuff -this is something I can do myself-and there are lots of choices-looking at oak since my furniture is vintage ranch oak and we put in oak doors too.  I called Lowe's to see if they ever have sales on pergo and they are having a sale this month 10% off  so I am seriously thinking about this now. I need to see the paint on the walls first for my final color choice.  

what do you all think? Is this as easy for a novice to install as I am reading??


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