Monday, August 3, 2015

What a Difference in Spindles

I just had to come back and post a photo  In the mail this  morning I got several fun things that I have ordered in the last couple of weeks.

On the left is my new Russian spindle-traditional, and on the right is my non traditional. They are both beautiful and both handcrafted by hand. I am in love with my new one now more than the other one, it is so feminine, light, and when you spin it-wow it stays spun for a very long time. Now to get out that video and practice mastering this one. With my left hand giving me major fits in the arthritis department I will be using my right hand to spin this one. If I can't do it that way I will try the navajo way-I am hoping to end up spinning some cotton on this one.

The spindle on the right is difficult to hold a spin-I can see why now it is so much heavier. I am making much nicer yarn, but this is designed more as a drop spindle but instead is supported in a bowl.

These are my spinning bowls. In the back are the two stone ones, and then in the front I just got these in the mail today. They are vintage salt cellars. In that video-which I need to find and post a link for you-she mentioned that these vintage salt cellars are just perfect for spinning bowls-I fell in love with these two and had to have them. I shopped on ebay and there were many available, including these lovely bird salt cellars. I can see how these could become something fun to collect. 

I had gone on a spending spree last month-so now no more spending for quite some time. I have a ordered a couple spinning books over on amazon, and on etsy I purchased mohair roving, and organic cotton. and for my hexagon project I purchased some new needles and also a needle threader. I also bought the fabric I needed for all the paths for the civil war era hexie quilt. I have never used a needle threader before but I think it will be handy with the silk thread.

I am out of laundry detergent so I need to quit "playing" and make that up.

Oh and here is a link to the you tube video I just love for learning how to use a traditional supported spindle


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