Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer's Hot and Humidity is Back and Book Reviews

  I thought I would get my walk in this morning, but after about several minutes decided it was just too hot along with the high humidity already. I got in 500 steps and will jump on my nordic trak ski machine and see how many steps I can get in this week. It is to be super hot all week-sigh, I am really ready for fall temperatures, fall food, fall natural dyeing, everything fall lol
    I should get my new pedometer by week's end-so then I can include all the steps in the house too.

   I purchased a beautiful handmade necklace from my friend over the weekend. The link will take you to her post describing what she made. I love it-and just had to have it. Thanks Jackie. I love handmade items when they inspire me, or when I just totally fall in love.

   This was one of those mornings where I had a whole list of business's I had to call to straighten out things; strange to me that so many all at once but I got it done so no more stressing over it. Over the weekend they were heavy on my mind and couldn't do anything about it til today-Monday.

   A couple weeks ago I checked out three books by the author Jennifer Chiaverini who is known for her Elm Creek Quilts novel series. I have read all the books in her series except for one and she has another book due out end of this year. I hadn't had the chance to read her The Union Quilters based on the civil war era. So was happy that was in the library. Her books are family oriented and I have always enjoyed all the books in this series.
      I have also been wanting to read her newer books that were based on historical events but still classified as fiction so was happy that our little library had these. Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule I read first and I really loved it. 
   Her historical fiction Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker I didn't care for so much. I enjoyed the first part of this book as she described the personalities of Mrs. Lincoln well but then it seemed to me the rest was just a chronological course of events that she rewrote from other sources. One of the credits was the memoirs of Elizabeth Keckley in her book Behind the scenes 1868. She was the dressmaker in the book. I went on amazon and was able to download a free kindle version which I would rather read. Keckley was born a slave but was able to purchase her freedom and then become a well know dressmaker. I also ran into a couple repeats from the Mrs Grant book-so since I read these two books one right after the other is perhaps why I didn't care for the Mrs. Lincoln book as much.
    I believe there are still a couple more of her historical fictions that I will check into.

     Since it's too hot outside I will be catching up on domestic stuff today. Perhaps later this afternoon I will attempt those gluten free waffle cones again

Enjoy your Monday  How is the weather where you are??


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