Friday, August 28, 2015

Photos of my Walk This Morning

  In the middle of the night I woke up with extreme painful charlie horses in my legs-the worse I have ever had-scarey in fact. So this morning I was not so sure I wanted to walk again, perhaps skip a day? but no I decided to take the same path I took yesterday afternoon-so I wouldn't need to count the steps- and I grabbed the camera too.
   Once I got into the walk I could see why my legs had an extra work out-the terrain is much rougher this year do to all the rain and we have been logging some of our woods too. It needed to be thinned out and if you don't cut once in awhile we end up with a not very healthy stand of oaks. Especially since we have lived here we have had a couple very very hot fires go through and that devastating ice storm several years back now has hurt allot of the trees.

   I did find a very pretty wild turkey feather and somehow I lost it on the way back home, I think I will retrace my steps later to see if I can find it.
     These photos are in the order I took them-the first little froggy was a surprise-do click to enlarge them


goldenrod is beginning to bloom

 Do any of you  know what this one above is? I also saw this very tall like 6'

the path goes straight down holler to a running creek-I used to walk this to look for rocks for my bathroom project-don't think I could do that anymore-carry heavy rocks back up

above is an oak gall-used in natural dyeing for the tannin mordant (fixative) have not tried this yet-wasn't sure when to collect these before the bug is inside or after it leaves-anyone know??

this was a puddle full of little tad poles

pokeberries beginning to ripen but I see the critters are eating them too

Sun rising through the trees-almost back to the house


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