Friday, August 7, 2015

Mango Margaritas & Handwoven Coin Purse

  Some friends of ours had stopped by one hot evening and I happened to have a ripe mango in the frig so I asked if they liked mango margaritas. They had never had one. So I made up a pitcher full for the four of us-and they have been talking about these margaritas ever since lol They are one of my favorites.

  A few days ago when they were shopping at Aldi the mangos were on sale for .39 each cause they were ripe and ready to eat right now-soooo they brought over 5 of them. I have been making these up for a couple evenings now. The rest I am going to whirl up in my vita mix with lime juice and freeze them for later-like for a winter time drink when we want to remember warmer weather.

My recipe-I don't use mixes as I want as less extra "stuff" in my drinks and more natural-less sugar etc.

I have a vita mix that is about 40 years old now and still running strong so in that goes a ripe mango that I cut off the big pit in the center, then 1 to 2 shots of real lime juice depending on my mood-lol 2 shots of tequila, 2 shots of triple sec, a big splash of agave-or to taste, just want to cut the acid a bit. whirl up til smooth, then fill up with crushed ice and also add 1/4 cup of water, and blend til smooth This gives 5 glasses as seen below.

When I saw my friend Gene Black's post a couple weeks ago about his handwoven coin purses-I had to have one. I have been needing one too for my purse, as my change is just thrown in, and falls to the bottom.
      I fell in love with this one the best and it arrived in today's mail-thanks much Gene I love it!
   The photos are of each side and he also lined it with cotton batik fabric. This is such a cool handmade item

We have several days again of super hot weather with heat indexes of over 100 degrees f again, there has been allot of severe storms in the ozarks but we have gotten missed. Perhaps some rain today. Next week though promises to be perfect with no humidity.

I will be canning up my second small batch of sweet dills this afternoon. This will be the end of my pickles. I was able to salvage enough tomatoes to make 4 pints of stewed with onions and my sweet peppers. Like most the tomatoes are just not doing well at all this year.

I just back a little bit ago from an errand in town; so I need to get off the computer and feed the hummingbirds, I noticed their feeders are just about empty now-

Have an awesome weekend!!


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