Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Have Yarn on the Russian Lady & She Needs a Name

   After watching as many videos as I could find using the Russian spindle I have been practicing and I do have yarn.  Fun!! and I am making nicer yarn than I was getting on my drop spindle and my other Russian
     I do not have the technique down yet, as I am used to the short draft, and this spindle is designed to use the long draft to make lace weight yarns-or threads.

  I was trying something a little different this morning so the last yarn I spun is thicker than I wanted but the rest is really nice. I don't need the lace weight yarn now but I do need to learn the long draft for cotton spinning, and I think that will help me when I try spinning on my wheel again. Right now I am spinning this alpaca roving and doing the spin-park-draft method. The alpaca is a dream to learn on. I am loving what I am spinning now opposed to my drop spindle for sure.

  I hope you all are not getting too tired of reading about my spinning posts lately, as I love to share what I am learning.

This is the most lovely spindle I have now, and am so happy I bought her. I am thinking she needs a name besides just Lady Russian-which more I think about it, I do love too.

   So if any of you have suggestions for a Russian lady's name Or even a Danish lady's name since she was handcrafted in Denmark-or maybe a combination of both--for this beautiful handcrafted tool please tell me in comments. I still have some of my handmade papers left I will share with the winner. The papers are mostly pinkish in color with lots of textures.

We have lots of rain and storms moving in. Most of Missouri has already gotten storms since last night, so we must just be on the edge of these so far. Nice to have the cooler weather. ahh I see it is raining now lol

The hummingbirds are unreal and fun to watch-soooo many at the feeders now all day long-usually at least 6-8 birds at each feeder and lots flying around all over near the feeders. They are getting ready to fly south soon, sometime this month they will begin to leave-and will be sll gone by mid September.I miss them when they are not here. I think I will surpass the 180 pounds of sugar I went through last year.

I tried to count them but as you know they move so fast-lol we have at the very least 40 little ones buzzing around most all day now. This means I am filling their feeders 3-4 times a day since last week. I have 3 of this style feeder and I also have 2 feeders that hold allot more nectar. and the rain doesn't stop them too much. If you enlarge the photos and look real close you may spot a couple sitting in the wisteria-they love to sit in there-especially when it's raining

Happy creating!!

update a little after 1:30 in the afternoon, my left hand is getting painful so I decided I wanted to try out the spinning from the fold before I needed to stop, this is my first attempt-amazing-like magic-fine yarn-it is actually a little thinner when not relaxed


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