Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Have Decided on the Name for my "Lady Russian" Spindle

   I have given much thought and research for the name of my spindle. I wanted to thank all of you that offered your name suggestions, I also had a few names offered over on my facebook page, and I had looked up online different Russian lady's names as well for more name ideas.

   I looked up what all the names meant to help me decide on the ones I liked the best. I also looked up Jenny which was my husband's grandmother's name who immigrated here from Russia.

  I learned that most of the Russian names that I had looked up were derived from Greek names, so that was a nice thing to learn about.
  It came down to two names Svetlana from Gene and Oksana from Mitch. 

      Svetlana means luminescent, world, light, shining woman. Oksana means women of hospitality, foreigner, guest, traveler, and she was a 5th century saint.
    Linecat suggested Petrova and when I looked it up, it means rock or stone in Russian and is also a person's last name-so my spindle also has a last name now. I  liked that it meant stone cause one of my stone spinning bowls works perfectly with this spindle

     Since I just couldn't decide between these two first names:  I love the names and their meanings I decided on both-lol so my Lady Russian spindle's name is now:
     Oksana Svetlana Petrova     Love it!

Thanks again everyone; I do have handmade papers to share with the winners-so Mitch-Gene Black-and Linecat please send me address information (Gene I have yours already)


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