Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Can "Smell" Fall in the Air & Catch Up-Long

  Fall has always been my most favorite time of the year-especially more so since being retired and living here in the woods.  We have not had a rough summer this year with extreme heat and humidity but rather just too much rain for so many months-not the norm at all here in the Ozarks. 

   Also this is the first year in my life so far that I feel "old". Being an official senior this year my body is going through changes-more arthritis pain everywhere now it seems, and gaining weight and inches-which is "not" normal for me at all. Even with the adjustment of my thyroid medicine back in May I have had no changes in my weight. I am someone that has a real "thing" about being fat. I have been for me lazy in the physical department-not taking my every day walks for two years now has really taken it's toll-my excuses have been-when our Nikita passed I no longer had my walking partner which did and still does make me sad, too hot, too many bugs, I don''t feel like it. etc
    Reading online last night to see if this is a normal occurance to gain weight after 65 I see that it is-our metabolism is much slower now so that means even more exercise than before and to eat less and be more choosy on our food choices. I have mostly eaten healthy but my downfall is my  munchies habit and I realize it has gotten worse since last winter-so I am working on changes for me. 
   I must walk-no excuses now except for the bugs and there is always bug spray for that lol, or get on my ski machine from  nordic trak that I bought ages and ages ago and rarely use, and stop the excessive munchies. I don't like being fat period. 
    I also have much to accomplish yet with all my crafts, and our home is still not finished-and I need to be physically able to do these things-so starting today I will work on getting my body back in shape.

   Enough of all that -lol- Yesterday I had a huge shopping day-just me-and I had a very long list of things to do. I did purchase the paint I need for the living room, and there are bad spots in the ceiling so easiest for me is to do textures-with joint compound so I bought that too-wow don't remember all that being so heavy before.
       I have been in desperate need of shoes-everything I brought down with me in '03 is now worn out so I broke down and went shoe shopping. I also needed a nice pair of jeans again-since nothing fits-and with no luck finding something at the resale shops I went to the jeans outlet too. This outlet used to always have racks of $8.00 and $10.00 jeans but no longer. This is what mortified me into taking action-I had to buy a size up-which I have never worn before in my life ugh ugh 

   I also did a little food shopping, mostly to get started stocking up for winter. Our Wal Mart has started carrying allot more organics and healthier grains like quinoa and lots of different rice-wild-black-red-sweet and more. So I stocked up on those along with more soup beans. Next time I will start stocking up on some canned items.  
   This is the time of year I shop around for the best price to fill up my propane tank-and wow I found some for .99 a gallon-unheard of price-love it!  I also hired the company that worked on our a/c last spring to come back out and finish hooking up our gas furnace. It's time to have back up heat now. Larry is in no condition to cut and split all of our wood any more. wow that will feel really strange having gas heat again. I almost feel guilty about that.
      I am hoping we can find someone to hire to still cut our firewood though-as it will be much warmer in the house to still run our wood stoves. Nothing like crafting near the warm wood stove.

   I did get my beautiful bracelets in the mail the other day and I totally love all of them. Wendy also sent me a surprise 4th bracelet-with a mermaid-how special is that??

(click to enlarge photos)

and over the weekend I defrosted and organized my two commercial deep freezers. this photo is the freezer with all my gluten free grains and flours and baking stuff along with pastas, bread etc. I keep everything in the freezers if it is not in a jar or can lol don't need to worry about bugs and critters that way. this was a big job-about 8 hours to complete as I also labeled each stack so I can hopefully find things better this winter.

     Well, I need to get off here, get out of my jammies and onto the exercise machine, and get ready for my day.

Are you looking forward to fall? or the next season from where you live??

  Oh and I almost forgot; any day now our hummingbirds will just be gone. For now though there are still loads of hummingbirds here especially at dawn and then at dusk. I have now gone through 225 pounds of sugar-so that's allot of hummingbirds. Last year the end total was 180 pounds of sugar but last year at least 1/4 or more of that went to feed a wild bee hive-we didn't have those bees back this year-thank goodness.


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