Thursday, August 27, 2015

Do You Walk Everyday?? & Grinding Flour

   For me the hardest thing is just getting started for any type of exercise program I want to do-I never liked gym as a kid, never could stick with exercises, tried yoga on my own but decided I needed a class for that-so walking has always been the easiest for me, especially here in my woods-where it can always be an adventure too.

    Well, this morning was "it" I did it-my first long walk in probably a year now, and I didn't cry over Nikita-as I had a goal in mind for myself this time.
      I counted the steps too and it was around 2100 steps. My goal this week is to try to walk 4000 steps each day or until I think I can handle more than that.
      I appreciate more now anyone of you that gets your 7,000 to 12,000 steps in each day-as that is really allot of walking. I found this article which I found to be a good guide for me on how many steps I need each day. I agree with the author to a point, as we get into our 60s our metabolism really slows down so we actually need to walk more than when we were younger-but I think most of us have not kept up with this over the years so are out of shape at this age, and we all have new aches and pains and body parts wearing out-lol so we each need to figure out what is best for us.
   I have always loved walking and I feel safe in my woods and I am walking on ground so better for my bad knees than pavement.
   A couple of my blog friends suggested they really loved their Fitbit's but checking online those begin at $100.00 and I don't want to spend that much money. I can keep my own daily journal instead of hooking it up to my computer. I don't have wireless either, and no smartphones so I don't need the extra technology. 
    I searched on amazon and read lots of reviews and decided on this one an omron. It is still  more money than I wanted to spend but the reviews were really good and I want something that will last. They had an updated version of this model for allot less money but the reviews were not as good and everyone seemed to love the original one better-so I decided to order one-I need all the motivation I can get lol

I had a good productive day-which I have not had many of this summer. I have been grinding up several pounds of wheat berries-one for pastry flour, and the other for breads. I decided all ground up I would use this up faster for Larry's treats and breads. These wheat berries have been in my big freezer for a few years now (photos will enlarge) The second photo is bread flour.

I also just finished up painting two old rusty pieces of shelving we had picked up at a garage sale. I should have taken a before and after photo cause they turned out really well. These will go in Larry's new studio space. They need to dry-hopefully by tomorrow so I can flip them upside down and paint the undersides of the shelves and touch up what needs it.

So I feel good a day of progress-- love that--  I counted the steps from our house to the building we are fixing up for the studio and it's 100 steps each way-so I kept track of that too in my diary.
     I think I am going to take another walk now to get up to my 4000 steps today. I can feel it in my legs already and if I wait til after supper I don't think I will get outdoors again.

Happy walking!

Update: photos of my painting project. also the big plastic shelving was a garage sale find too-that was an awesome find-very strong and durable-hoping to find one more of those
   We originally built this cool little wooden building that looks like a mini barn about 9-10 years ago now. the plan was for the bottom level to be all of our garden tools, and the upstairs to be fixed up as a mini space that our friends could sleep over in when then come to visit. This area in the photos is a concrete slab we put down so we could have atv's etc there under a roof. It is junked up now with all the stuff that was inside-I will be working on getting the hand tools moved to another little shed this fall. I think I want to fix up this area as a little patio next spring.
     Plans changed over the years and now we are fixing up the first level into the studio and we still would like to fix up the upstairs for sleeping quarters. We will be putting in a shower-bath area downstairs. It all takes time, and hubby is not well enough to handle the heavy drywall by himself now-but we are getting there. Figuring we still have september and part of october to get it finished inside.


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