Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stuck in the House do to the Extreme Heat Index

   Still needing to get up at daylight if I want to accomplish anything at all outdoors. It is 80 degrees f  by 7am along with heat indexes so I am not going to fret over weeds this week.

   However, I am enjoying getting my process down for my 1800's hexagons.
   I finished up today taking apart the 6 flower sets and redoing them the better way-not sewing through the papers. In this case much better not to follow the instructions that came with my papers lol

    I also started working up the next strip-which gives me 3 flower sets and then I choose three different fabrics for the centers. I should have enough fabrics so all the centers will be different except for that 4 flower focal point in the center of quilt. I had won this jelly roll of 2 1/2" strips several years ago-civil war reproduction fabrics by Barbara Brackman. I never realized how much fabric is in one of these-I will have strips left over after making up my 50 flowers.

These fabrics just make me feel happy and comfy-now I can really enjoy them more while sewing them up. Thanks again Karen for all your help and inspiration too


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