Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sharing a Little on my Hexie's Adventures and Finally can Work in the Garden

     I want to share with you what I have learned so far. Around a year ago I made about 6 coasters with hexies to see if I would like making these. I went by the instructions that came with the papers on basting them together and as I started making these again now I remembered my really sore fingers from back then.

   Like anything especially quilting there are no rules but lots of different methods to accomplish the end goal. I was so glad I posted my last  post with questions, and Karen was like No don't sew through the papers-lol

  So I went back online especially on Pinterest to get ideas on how they sewed these. I need a simpler less painful way of basting as I have over 1000 little hexies to make for this quilt. and this needs to be fun.

  I found this link and at the end she has part 3 where she shows her ladder stitch-that's another discussion to whip stitch the edges together or to ladder stitch. I also ran into a site where she does neither but sews the two pieces together lying flat and no stitches at all show-I hope I remembered to pin and save that one.
         Going back to the link I shared, I really like her method and once I get the hang of it better this will go much faster for me, save my papers from holes and save me from sore fingers too. In the post she has her young daughter helping her to make lots of hexies so I surely can do this lol 
      I also discovered I needed to go back to a finer needle-much kinder on the fabric too. Now that I am only sewing through fabric I grabbed a straw needle.
   I am taking apart the 6 sets I already put together for practice.

   I also did some reading on using silk thread. I really want to use the silk for it's strength and cause it melts into the fabric. I found some videos on how to make a little knot up at the end of the needle to keep the thread from unthreading while sewing. Any of you that use the silk for your applique or hexies I would love any tips. Especially how to knot at the end of stitching.

  Oh and I wanted to share with you the layout for my quilt. I am not good with math at all so Karen designed the layout for me, and with instructions on how to sew it together-thanks again Karen. 
     I found some free down loadable hexie graph paper in a larger size so with her lay out I could see what I was doing lol  Her design made it perfect to add in a center focal point-as the original 1830's quilt had-but I changed it up to my liking. So I colored in my design on Karen's layout.
 click to enlarge.

   I am going to work with a light brown around the focal point and then a darker brown path in the rest of the quilt-haven't decided on the edges yet but a possiblity I had thought of was to use the light brown to fill in the edges and then still sew on borders.

  I did allot of weeding in the veggie garden early this morning. We have had soooo much rain here the last month especially that I couldn't get in the garden-of course some areas are totally over run with weeds. I need to continue to get up at daylight and work a few hours before it gets too hot by 10 am. 
      The cucumbers are starting to come on, I pretty much lost all my squash, all my onions rotted too-sigh. The sweet potatoes are starting to get their runners, and the pole beans and soybeans are finally blooming. I managed to weed a small area behind the fence where I planted trumpet vines along a fence and also planted japanese indigo, tansy, and yarrow. I lost allot of my indigo plants with all the rain but I have 3 plants growing well and one is large-excited about the dye prospects soon for that. That area is totally over run with weeds.
      I had one calendula resin-the strongest medicinal one come back from seed on it's own-I have been harvesting lots of flowers so far-the seeds I planted are coming along now too-they got too much rain as well.

   I am off to prepare some ribs for the grill soon Oh and I almost forgot to tell you, unless I mentioned it in my last post-I order a waffle cone maker and got it in the mail yesterday-I am quite excited to try it out-and I found a gluten free recipe that looks really good too she converted the recipe that came with the cone maker which I was going to work on

Happy Sunday!!


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