Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Photos of my Spindles

  Gene asked for photos of my Russian spindle so thought I would do a little blog post this morning to share.

  Here is a photo of my own navajo spindle which I bought back in the late '80s to go with all that navajo churro wool I had gotten as a gift back then. The cotton bag (old pillowcase) is what I washed up yesterday ready to card-make into rolags and spin

This is my Russian spindle (not traditional since it has a hook on top) and I really love it. The video by the instructor for the Russian spindle is here This can also be used as a drop spindle but once I get more practice and get better I do love using a spinning bowl better. I didn't purchase one at his booth cause most of the girls said they would just use an older dish they had at home-which he had suggested too-but I didn't find one that worked the same, so I ended up purchasing one of his stone dishes at his Etsy shop.
    Oh and some of the ladies were winding their spun yarn at the bottom area of the Russian spindle and I was doing it the way shown in the photo. He had mentioned in the class if you get too much in that bottom it will fall off and you will have a big mess of fine yarn going on to straighten out. I saw in his video that it was wound the way I have shown.

(photos will enlarge just click on them)

    Two years ago I had purchased some roving that I just loved. It was her sheep's and alpaca's wool that she sent to a mill to be processed and I loved it much better than commercial roving. The wool still had it's character and was easier for me to spin too. I found her booth again this year and found out she was an instructor too, and was selling bags of roving for around $2.50 an ounce so that's what the grey roving is-and it spun better for me than what was at the class.
   There were a couple ladies that were accomplished spinners on the spinning wheel and wanted to take the spindle class to learn that as well. They were making very fine yarn on the navajo spindle as well as the Russian spindle-so I was in awe at their ease of spinning-with practice practice I hope to get there too someday soon.
   If you enlarge the Russian spindle photo you can see that my spinning is actually much nicer than it has been on my drop spindle. I also learned from the class by watching others that my biggest thing to master is the pinching and drafting part as the twist gets into the roving where it is not suppose to be. lol
    Gene had asked me my instructors name and I think he mentioned it in the beginning but when I looked it up in the booklet we got- the class was under his wife's name instead-she teaches allot of spinning classes-which I may just take next year to help me with  my wheel. His presence online is The Dancing Goat Folk Studio.
    The instructor mentioned that at another event he was speaking on how to get a presence online without giving out your real name everywhere-more protectection from identify theft. I have done that as well especially on facebook where I don't give out my name but rather Kathy Inozarks instead. I also do not give out any information what so ever in my profile there. Online I mostly try not to give out exact details as to where I live etc.

    This morning I am going to wash up more navajo churro wool, do some laundry, and do some spinning. I cut a couple fingers somehow on some aluminum foil-especially my sewing finger-so that needs to heal first before more sewing hexies.

Oh and friend Barbara asked me about pain in my thumb area-yes spinning does bother that so have to remember not to over do it in one sitting. I am right handed and my left lower thumb area is giving me allot of troubles since last winter. I asked the doctor about it-arthritis and calcium build up. Asked if I should "baby" it-no way-make it work so that's what I am doing-but I am in the beginning stages of all this arthritis stuff.

Have an awesome day!!


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