Wednesday, July 22, 2015

No Photos but I Got Lots Done in the Garden

  I so needed to weed my sweet potato patch. When I went through the garden a few weeks ago I didn't get to this area so the weeds were thick and very tall.
   The compost I got in this year was sooooo full of weeds that is making things difficult for me to keep up with, even with the thick straw around my veggies.
    We were cool yesterday-and I was still washing some churro wool, and remembering how to hand card properly and today cool too so I just really needed to get out there.
  It took me all morning but no more weeds and the vines are all hilled with soil to produce more potatoes. I also finished laying out the rest of the straw I still had. When I finished we had a nice gardener's rain-so that worked out perfectly.
    I picked 8 pounds of the Japanese long cucumbers the exact amount I need for a batch of sweet pickles-I use a recipe that takes 4 days to make-and they are sooo delicious all the guys that come over love these. This is also the only cucumber I grow now-it stays crisp like you want pickles to be all through the growing stage-from small to a little too large. The are delicious fresh too with no burping or gas. I had to hunt and hunt this year to find the seeds again and I finally found them online from a small seed company in Missouri.
   I have a half a batch ready to can after supper tonight. I think I am going to be moving pretty slow tomorrow morning lol from all that bending over and weeding. Oh well I needed the exercise too.
   Happy Wednesday!!


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