Monday, July 20, 2015

Loved my Spinning Class

  I really enjoyed my class, this was the first class I have taken since we first retired here back in '03. I believe it was the following year that I attended a weekend of classes at a quilt retreat about an hour from here. I had learned about punch needle felting, how to embroider around wool for applique work, and also a flower pounding class-which is really allot of fun-haven't done that in a few years now-the colors are not permanent but is still fun.
   These events can really be quite costly though and this was the first year I could afford to take a class. I discovered though that out of the full class of 11 students I was the only local person. Most travel quite a distance and spend friday through sunday afternoon especially if they are also vendors and instructors. Many sign up for classes all day saturday and sunday too.
    I did learn how to use my navajo spindle, I brought mine with and mine was the traditional with no hook on top. He called his navajo type spindle that he added a hook to- his southwestern spindle. It ended up that about half the class loved the navajo spindle and chose that one for their free spindle. Some took his traditional and some liked the hook better.
    We also learned on the Tibetan type and a Russian spindle which were both supported with a spinning dish opposed to using a drop spindle with no support. I really liked this method allot and for my free choice I chose the Russian spindle as it was designed to spin very fine yarns, or short yarns, and does well with bamboo and alpaca and I can use it for cotton too. He called these two his inspired by spindles as these did have a hook on top and the traditional ones did not.
     I also learned how to start spinning without a leader-I liked that-you just spin and then take that off use a weavers knot to tie it back on and there is your leader-that was just more "organic" than the way I learned with a piece of yarn tied on to the spindle.
    Our instructor is a "folk artist" and also raises sheep and took several classes at the Campbell folk art school and makes all his spindles, spinning dishes and other items. He also has several you tube videos that he said he made in place of a class handout-so those are good to go back to if I forget something lol here is a link  he  is also on etsy here  He makes beautiful tools and is always researching and bettering his line.
     The class was informative with the input of others, the top whorl spindle came up-and I said that was the spindle I first tried to learn on and just could not get it all those years ago. He looked at me and said he now considers the top whorl for intermediate or advanced spinners-it's that more difficult. He said he started out teaching that one and had about a 40% rate of success with his students but with these others he has an 80 to 100% success rate with students that grasp spinning with the spindle.
   At this event they had a table filled with vendors cards and event information. I found in a town I go to all the time for the resale shops a fiber event in October and is sponsored by a fiber artists guild. So will definately check it out. The guild meetings are further away so will see if anyone drives from my area.
     This morning I got out a bag of my navajo churro wool to wash up so I can card it and then see how I do spinning it on my navajo spindle-which is why I bought it at the time.
   Sorry no photos. I did bring my camera along and we were all having so much fun spinning that I totally forgot all about it.

   Other news, I have a long time blog friend that lives in California and I love her jewelry work. So I boxed up several beautiful beads and sea glass pieces for her to make me a couple bracelets with. She just messaged me over on facebook with photos-and I am sooooo excited-she will be making me 3 bracelets and each one is awesome and unique-can't wait now lol although I have told her no rush.

  That's it for my Monday, oh and I did finally get my template for my hexagons today and at first I didn't think it fit but when I turned it side ways and it fits perfect! so I now I am in business to cut out better hexagons-as I was worried with some of the ones I did already they just barely had enough fabric to turn over with that square shape.  I did start sewing a flower together with my silk-and I love the silk thread for sure.

Happy Monday!!


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