Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Friday-Catch Up

   Good morning, the cooler morning temperatures have been a welcomed treat here in the ozarks. Starting early mornings in the low 60s opposed to high 70s with high humidity is a huge change for us.

    I did make a half batch of sweet dills that I think will turn out really awesome. A blog friend from Missouri shared her Mom's recipe and I decided to take her ideas for spices and adapt them to the Ball canning book recipe for Sweet Gherkins. That method really makes a nice pickle and they stay crisp after canning do to the method and the Japanese Long cucumbers I now grow-for everything cucumbers. When I canned them I added two peeled organic garlic cloves and a tablespoon full of dill seed per pint. I didn't plant any dill this year and I think the dill seed also gives a stronger flavor. So now the jars need to sit at least a month to get the flavor. I think I will make one more batch of these dills, perhaps some bread and butter pickles and then we will have a couple years supply of pickles in the pantry.
    The tomatos are not producing well so I can can them this year-we just had too many months of constant rain and cold temperatures with no sun. I really wanted to make at least one  batch of salsa this year and more quarts of tomato soup-so will see what happens with that.
    The other day I went through the boxes of empty canning jars and got them organized as to size-and went through my shelves of canned items to re organize and see what I have. I still don't have much in cupboards here or storage space so I need to remind myself to look in boxes for food-lol I found a box of the homemade apple juice I made last fall that I totally forgot about. I have 3 pints left of the apple sauce so would be nice to make more if I get some apples again.

    Not sure why but I have been having more troubles with arthritis, in my bad left hand and also in my right shoulders down my arm this week especially-probably from canning and spinning. I refuse to give in though and do stuff anyways. No baby'en these joints lol  

     I am still totally loving my navajo spindle and my yarn results are so much nicer. I am not sure now if I really like the Russian spindle that I got with my class. Not really liking the hook on top for a support spindle. I am getting nicer yarn though than I was with my drop spindle. Also since I am not spinning lace weight yarn the spindle fills up quickly with yarn and then it does not spin properly. This would not be as much a problem when spinning finer yarn.
     The traditional Russian spindle I purchased should be here next week-I have been watching videos on the process of using a traditional supported spindle and found a couple really good ones especially. This will definately be an exercise for my bad hand-but I think it is better to continue making my hands work than not.
   I  know I am still a beginner with spinning, but I want to try everything now and see what I enjoy the most. I was searching Etsy for cotton to spin. This fascinates me and I really want to try this. I think the traditional Russian spindle I have coming should work out well for this-if not I will look into the little ones with the metal whorl on the bottom. I found a shop selling cotton grown in the US with no added chemicals and it was the natural green cotton, So I am thinking of purchasing this cotton to try. When we first moved here I grew a small batch of my own green cotton-very fun and has always intrigued me-so that is one of my newest adventures coming up.

   I checked my indigo plants and I believe they are ready to process really soon. I re checked a recipe I am going to try first and I need a couple things first, so that's a trip to town. This being Friday and the weekend not sure I want to do that til Monday-less people lol

At the request of my friend I went out and took a photo of my indio plant-this is the nicest one I have, the other 2 plants are so so. The soil in this area needs better drainage for these plants. and the second photo is my favorite-Grandpa Otts morning glory. I have a few seeds that came back-I will be needing to purchase more for next year-the hummingbirds love these too-and the deepest purple I still have yet to dye with-per India Flints method of freezing first and then using the thawed liquid as dye.

photos will enlarge just click on them

    Lately I have been so undecided on what to cook for supper. Never really had this problem before-I need to go to Pinterest and get myself inspired with some new recipe ideas.

   Happy weekend everyone!


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