Sunday, July 26, 2015

Good Morning Sunday Still Spinning and Making Sweet Pickles

   I am so pleased with myself making "real" yarn on my Navajo spindle. By real yarn for me I mean it is not super thick. I am so enjoying this process-a supported spindle opposed to the drop spindle. I have been carding up and making rolags for a few hours and then spin them up and make more. I am getting a little better at more even consistency too, and this yarn will be woven as singles. I can see that these spindles would be fun to make art yarn on-like I want to make with the little crochet flowers.

    My Russian spindle that I had gotten from taking my spinning class I love too, but I decided I wanted to try spinning on a traditional Russian spindle also.
     I went on Etsy and totally fell in love with this beautiful spindle from this shop It comes from Denmark and is the traditional Orenburg style-more about it here This one has a totally different bottom than the one I have now-and no hook. I have been finding some excellent you tube videos that you can find on my spinning Pinterest board if interested.
   Now that I have a better understanding of the draw I think I will be better able to spin on my wheels-my winter project.

  I also am working on sewing up one of my hexie flowers, thought I would sew up the flowers I have ready to go first and then try out my new template for cutting up more strips.

I really do need to get some looms threaded too-and I will be natural dyeing real soon as my Japanese indigo plants are getting close to being harvested-so fun in the dye pot coming up.

   This morning I have been washing up lots of 1/2 pint canning jars so they will be ready for canning up a full batch of sweet gherkin pickles later this afternoon. I usually can these up in pint jars but decided I think we will like them better in the smaller jars. 
     Next batch will either be bread and butters or sweet dills. I have not made sweet dills before but I think we will like them better than just the plain dills. Any of you that can do you have a sweet dill recipe you love??

It is still super hot and humid here but that's an ozark summer for sure.

Have an awesome new week ahead! What have you all been up too?

A lazy Sunday this morning


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