Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Getting Ready for Hexagon Making Soon

  I don't know about you all, but when it is rainy and gloomy for days, weeks, and yes months I just really have a difficult time getting myself motivated.

   We have had just enough sunny days thrown in the mix since March that I have managed to do allot of cleaning in the house-more needs to be done, and planted my small veggie garden in the spring kept up with most of the weeds too, but other than that have not finished threading my loom though it sits there waiting, or gotten into a quilt project on my list, or back to serious spinning. 

   My Mom's passing was in there too, but still it is not like me to not do something useful. I don't like to waste a day with nothing learned or accomplished. Today is really gloomy and in the 60's if you can believe that, and flooding around me this morning and lots and lots more rain coming in tonight, so I decided not a good day to travel to the resale shop til this weather clears out again. I really  need to do that too-I have a summer bag of clothes to drop off and I need to pick up a few things for me.

     I did dig out that embroidery block that needs finished up so I can complete the first Turning 20 quilt for us-so that's a little progress lol

  Today, I still wasn't in the mood to thread my loom, but I remembered I have a little basket ready to go for hexagons. I had won (years ago it seems) a jelly roll of one of Barbara Brackman's reproduction civil war fabric lines that will be perfect for what I want to make. But sigh the hexagon papers and templates I have on hand are not quite the right size. One is a bit too large and will cause problems in the sewing process, and the other size is a bit too small and will waste fabric. I am just not good at making up an accurate template although I know many of you hexie quilters do that, so I went online to Paper Pieces company and ordered an acrylic 1 1/8" inch template along with a small package of papers.

   I also found a package that I had of two sizes for the apple core template which I have always wanted to make. I didn't like the finished sizes on these either and these are designed for machine sewing, and I want to English paper piece instead. So I ordered that as well. 
     If anyone reading this would like the apple core templates message me-I paid $12.00 has not been used and it also comes with sewing instructions-I would welcome a trade or take $12.00 with free shipping.

  Along with my civil war reproduction fabrics I also have many pieces of 1830's reproduction fabrics which I can also mix in with the civil war hexies. I was looking online for an 1800's hexie quilt-and I fell in love with a quilt. I also have the perfect border fabric as well in my stash. See here  at Quiltville's blog post. I instantly fell in love with this quilt-depending how it goes I think I will make something smaller than a queen size quilt-perhaps the size shown would work out well on an oak coffee table I have in the living room.

   I also needed more YLI silk thread colors for piecing the hexies so I shopped for those too. I am now ready to start this project, hoping I get lucky and at least the hexie templates arrive by this Saturday.

   My hand spindle class at Fiber U is coming up soon too, not this weekend but the following weekend-I am anxious to learn how to spin with my navajo spindle. We are to learn on 3 different spindles in this class. This event has lots of vendors for shopping and inspiration too. I have lots and lots of wool ready to wash and card so I don't need anything but perhaps I will look for some roving ready to spin

What is your latest craft projects??


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