Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fabrics for my Hexagon 1800's Quilt

    I started getting really excited last night when I realized I finally had decided to start working with  my 1800's fabrics. These fabrics just "speak" to me and make me happy. I think it goes with my love of natural dyeing, and that I really believe I have been born in the wrong time period-lol

    I had been collecting most of these fabrics when I found a sale about 5 or 6 years ago, and I had also won the jelly roll collection over on that bunny hop before then. I did purchase a collection of Barbara Brackman civil war era fabrics for another quilt recently but decided not to make that-and they will be perfect for this hexagon quilt instead.
     I  grabbed only the civil war era fabrics and kept the 1830's fabrics on the shelf-as I have an applique reproduction quilt I would like to make with those.

   I wasn't sure about the making of allot of hexagons for a queen size quilt project do to my age and arthritis in my hands now; but like anything else I do; just need to pace myself and switch up my crafts like I usually do. With the help and guidance of my friend Karen at Faeries and Fibres I am not worried about the math any more, and if I get stuck on something she is an awesome teacher and friend. Thanks again Karen for all your help so far.

  I can not visualize how much fabric I need-but I am sure there is plenty here and then some. I am going to start with the jelly roll 2 1/2" cuts first and then match what I have to that.
    I have a gorgeous chocolate brown that I have two cuts of cause I loved it so much and went back for more, and I have yardage of a lighter brown piece with two shades in stripes over the fabric by Barbara Brackman that I am thinking of using for the lights that go around the rosettes. I will need to test that out and see if I like it. I have never been into using just whites in my work.
    I just checked and the brown with 2 cuts is a yard each so may not have quite enough. I do have a deep chocolate brown that I really love by Sara Morgan but I only have one yard of that-possibly mix the two-not sure as the values are quite different  I will need to solve the chocolate brown soon-I see a shopping trip online soon lol

I took photos this morning of all my civil war era reproduction fabrics: click to enlarge

above not sure if I will use that piece on the right-does not really match in well with the other pieces although I could use as the center to some of those greens

  Thinking of using this piece above for the lights around rosettes, lovely piece of fabric printed in Japan this is a Brackman piece

and this piece above for the dark I have two cuts of one yard each and below I have a small yardage cut from Sarah Morgan that is a real deep chocolate brown that I like much better but don't know if I can find more as I bought it a couple years ago. Photo below 

and perfect-hubby just brought the mail in and my papers are here a day early-cool!!  I always wash my fabrics first but for this project I may not do that  Thoughts??

Still more rain and gloomy til tomorrow afternoon-then a steam bath hits with mid 90's we are never happy with our weather it seems lol

Update: I did find both of these chocolate browns online still available but much more costly now per yard. I decided to go with the first brown photo as it will blend in better with the light I chose. Also looking at this bottom photo and laying out the hexi for cutting-I would need to fussy cut to make it look nice-too wasteful to do that with this expensive fabric.   My math and thought process is bad sometimes, so  when I was auditioning my 1" hexie paper on to my jelly roll strips it just looked like a big waste of fabric being cut off-I forgot about the seams duh   lol  so the template for 1 1/8" hexies finished with a 3/8" seam on all sides is just too big for my 2 1/2" strips  so I am trying out something else-just snip off a piece of the strip with the paper in the center looking for seams and cutting across. With all the hexies I need to make will try out different methods-I am off to look at Karen's tutorials


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