Thursday, July 16, 2015

Decided on a Different Brown for Color Path

  I got to thinking this morning that the fabrics I chose to go around the hexi flowers were too busy.

  Then I decided the Barbara Brackman fabrics are so high quality that the dark brown fabric I chose for the path just did not meet the same standards. (first photo)

    The jelly roll strips (using for flowers) are her Civil War Crossing collection, and the pretty lighter striped brown is her Metropolitan Fair collection.(am using that as the light to go around each flower) I did also have one yard cuts of the matching in chocolate brown and one other. The other was definately too busy for me.

   I am liking the second photo much better-what is your opinions? and I did locate a fabric shop on etsy that still has that luscious chocolate brown, so I am really thinking of going with that. The patterns are the same just two different shades, and both have stripes of two shades of browns so I think that will add interest to the quilt as well-

   I also spent most of the morning looking for this time period of reproduction shirtings or neutrals-but just did not find anything that would work. I did find one piece I really liked by Molly B at Hancock's of Paducah and on sale for $4.99 a real bargain for sure but I am liking that last photo the best so far

click to enlarge photos

I tried making waffle cones this afternoon and they were a failure-I used a gluten free recipe made with almond flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil but they would not stick together to make cones-or they were too brittle to roll into cones-they taste good so at least won't go to waste. I will explore another recipe soon.


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