Saturday, July 18, 2015

Brought Home New to Me Natural Dyestuffs

This weekend is Fiber U at the town down the highway a bit from me. They hold classes all day today and in the morning tomorrow. My class will be tomorrow morning.

Most of the vendors also teach, some do not but the vendor area is open to the public-always fun to browse through all the lovely handspun yarn and hand dyed yarns, and lots of roving for spinning available too. Some of the more unique vendors were not here this year-I missed seeing the European couple that sold all sizes of handmade crochet hooks and other items-I don't knit or crochet but I admired the beautiful workmanship.

I was disappointed that to me the prices seemed very high this year for the yarns and the rovings for spinning. I don't get out of the woods all that much, stay pretty isolated, but I do better shopping online at Etsy and even Ebay for roving, raw fleeces and spinning tools. The roving for the most part ran from $3.00 to $6.00 an ounce I thought that seemed pricey?? Some of the dyed roving I am saying to myself "I am a dyer and I can do better than this".

I did run into a booth that hand dyed beautiful pieces of wool fabrics for use in rug hooking, applique work, or other sewing crafts. She also was selling an excellent assortment of books on the subject and also natural dyestuffs-they were from Earth Hues which I am familiar with and love their items, the vendor had excellent prices compared to another vendor there. 
      So I came away with several natural dyes that I have not worked with before and am excited to try soon. I also have been in need of a small stick shuttle for my mini loom, and her husband just happened to make some-so was really happy with that purchase-it will be perfect-and the wood looks beautiful and feels even nicer.  (click to enlarge)

I am taking the class Spindles of the World where we will learn how to spin on three different spindles. I met him today so am excited for my class. I told him I was taking the class mostly to learn how to use my navajo spindle-which is one of the spindles he will be teaching. He asked me if I had brought it with and I said no-he told me to be sure and bring it tomorrow-so I loved that-learn on my own spindle.
       At the end of the class we will be able to choose one of the spindles to take home with us. He is also providing the roving for spinning too. I am really happy to be getting allot back for the fees of my class-learning and a spindle too. 
   There were a couple other classes I would have been interested in but they were allot more pricey, added a materials fee, and we also had to spend $20.00 per day for registration fees which I thought was a bit craziness. So if we took classes on saturday that would be $20.00 extra and then if we took another class on sunday had to pay another $20.00 I guess I watch my money too closely but that was too expensive to me on top of the class fee and most had a materials fee.

  Of course it is still super hot here with high heat indexes-they are saying rain moving in next week-which we could actually use a little of now-so I don't need to water my large tubs of tomatoes every morning for a few days lol

Happy weekend all


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