Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Very Busy Week for us With Friends & I Need Some Little Crochet or Knitted Flowers

  After this past week of spending time with our friends from Pennsylvania, it occurred to me that we really need to get out and about more-lol Especially while we are still able.
   Hubby can no longer do allot of walking, and he gets tired easily too, and I really do enjoy just being home with my projects; and we have been quite poor since the economy crashed-what 5 years ago now? til just recently, so we just haven't gone anywhere. I really didn't miss it either, but I had forgotten what a gorgeous area we live in and near to us.

   Our friends stayed in a couple different hotels, one up near Bagnell Dam-Osage Beach in Missouri and then one nearer to us. We continued to have soooo much more rain, major flooding everywhere so that was a challenge as well. But hubby gave them little day trips to cool places near us. One day the guys did their adventures and us girls did ours. I made good dinners and I really enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them. Hubby met Mr T through his online business and they call each other all the time-hubby also flew out to visit him last summer with his friend that has his own plane, so Mr and Mrs T just decided to take a vacation and visit us.

   We took them to sites at Bagnell Dam, Bennett Springs State Park, Ha Ha Tonka state park, toured the Bridal Cave in Camdenton and drove around to show them nearby historic places and beautiful views. We are set down in the woods and just a few miles down the road is the river so at our place you don't get the long range gorgeous views that are all around us. 

    I am not used to hiking and walking around, stooping in caves etc every day for a week so it all caught up with me this morning. Our friends left this morning to visit Branson, Mo for a couple days. I had thought of going with them to try out the zip line-but decided I wasn't up to it today-and I wasn't. They were also going to take in a couple shows-which I am not really in to.

  All this rain has just gotten to be too much, storms too have taken down trees and huge limbs. My garden is swimming in mud and getting over run with weeds-as are the bugs-so no fun being outdoors working in that. We are dry now for 3 days until the next round of rain and storms. a very unusual summer for this area for sure. Getting difficult for us to even keep up with everything, the grass never gets a chance to dry out when the next days of storms arrive. oh well can't fight mother nature as they say. 

    This weather has also given me no break from allergies-sigh as the mold etc continues to be high out there. I am hoping to get started back on the bathroom project soon, and also finally get back to some craft projects. Mrs T loved my silk blouse that I nature printed with leaves from our woods, so she wanted me to make her something similiar. We found a couple garments at the resale shop so I have dyeing on my mind too.

   Also I saw a video on adding in little crochet or knitted flowers to handspun yarn. I would love to try this out. Any of you that knit or crochet contact me if you would like to make me some and what you would charge me. I would like a dozen small flowers to start with. I prefer natural yarn-cotton, bamboo, wool etc no acrylics.

   It sure has been a treat to see the sun though the last two days.

Happy Sunday all


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