Friday, July 10, 2015

A Few Hexie Flowers Basted Up & a Couple Questions for You Hexie Quilters

  Happy Friday everyone!

     Allot of rain yesterday again so I decided to hand baste up some hexies. I had messed up and ordered the wrong template (but paper pieces is swapping it out for me at no charge) so reading their little how to paper that came with their papers they show taking the papers placing on the 2 1/2" strip-eye balling the top and bottom and cut off.
    This seems easier than cutting out the hexie after tracing around the template, but with this method I am getting one corner that just makes it being folded over-so after I make this next set of three will wait til the new template arrives next week and see how that works.

   I am really enjoying this so far, especially since I am so in love with these fabrics-I think that makes a huge difference, and these are high end fabrics in quality which always makes a big difference too in the process.

  Here are a couple photos-click to enlarge

I completed 3 sets yesterday of the one with the pink in the middle. I also won't do another flower with that complex of a pattern as it does not cut up well unless I were to fussy cut it and I really don't want to do that with these fabrics.

I can not hold the folds and baste without pinning first-just goes better for me. The pins are no fun so I got the idea to use a new box of paper clips I had and that works really well for me-don't get stuck on the pins-lol  I had thought of those cute little plastic clips I have seen around but I think those are just too costly now unless I can find a deal, and I like the paper clips cause they lie flat.

I do have a couple questions for those of you that have sewn up hexie quilts. I know this ends up being personal preference as I have read there is always many ways to do the same thing. 
      I have been sewing through the papers it seems more stable and I probably have too many stitches? Do you sew through the papers or no?

    Before sewing together do you steam press them first or not?

      I am going to sew these together with YIL silk threads- do you prefer whip stitch or the ladder stitch and why?

   This will be my first large project with hexies, how do I keep everything flat and not puckering up as I sew it all together-or is that even a concern with these hexies?

   As you baste up the flowers then do you start adding the light blocks around it or wait til the end? Seems like it could get boring sewing up all those lights-lol

   I am also a little intimidated to be cutting up yardage into 2 1/2" strips-how do you handle that much fabric??

thanks everyone-and have a great weekend


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