Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rain Rain Please Go Away & Mrs. Fox

  I could count my fingers to add up the sunny days we have had here since April-I really can't remember soooo much rain going on for several months like this. 
     I am always thankful though for rain here in the Ozarks cause usually by mid June there is no rain til September or October. 
    Our ponds are full now, and I am actually amazed that most of my veggie plants are surviving.
   We are now into the Bill storm so we could get up to 6 inches of rain by end of Friday-other areas much worse I know so I am not complaining-too much that is lol-but now flooding will be occurring everywhere near me (I am up high and safe) and  and- I just really need some sunshine please. Hoping Mother Nature sees this-lol

   I did get some weeding done this week in early mornings around most of the main veggies, but I still have a huge area to clean up-will start that once the rain ends. 
     We have surprise company driving in from Pennsylvania in about 10 days or so-I clean the house better with sunshine too-lol
   This Saturday we will be going into town to celebrate our friend Mr L and his wife's 50th wedding anniversary. That is to be the first day with no rain and into the mid 90s-a steamy day for sure.

   The last few days instead of doing my crafts and fiber art, I am going through my clothes and stash of vintage linens. I have no closets what so ever in this house. so it has been challenging. We have picked up a couple vintage pieces with drawers and I did pick up two dressers from my Mom's home, but I could use one more.
      I ended up with two large piles of clothes going to the resale shop-but will have to wait til fall to take them as they are mostly sweatshirts and sweaters. In the pile is also a few vintage linens that I am just not using.
      I was able to empty two 10 gallon crocks of my clothes and get them into drawers-I have a steamer trunk I use, and we still have a very vintage dresser we brought down from Illinois. We have a huge huge crock that is a 30 gallon crock and that is where all my jeans have been. So I am going through those and getting rid of jeans that don't fit-except that is my Victoria Secret Jeans I bought years ago, and grew out of about 9 years ago-I don't have it in me to sell those yet-and I have lots of money invested in those too, and I love how Victoria Secrets jeans fit.  I plan to work on losing some inches in the next year-and then re evaluate those.
   So do you have clothes that you just can't part with?? I have finally gotten rid of most of my clothes that I was still wearing from my 20s and 30s-most were handmade clothes. I have always pretty much been the same weight since my college days in '67 and '68 too thin at times, but pretty much could wear the same clothes size all these years. These past 2 years I have gained inches and some extra weight that I need to take care of soon. Actually it just seems more noticeable to me now,  but I went up about 1/2 size from most of my Victoria Secret jeans-and also a few of those were bought when I was just too thin, so won't get that thin again-but don't want to sell those either-lol-may need to make me something with those couple jeans that are really small.
      I have 4 handmade blouses that are still in good shape to send to the resale shop-that was hard to do as well. We are both pack rats by nature-and we just have too much stuff with no place to put it. So this year my plan is to do more serious destashing also of those vintage small items we have collected over the last 33 years lol
   Now getting hubby to downsize is another story lol

I had stopped putting corn out for the wildlife a few weeks ago, especially after our geese pair left and did not return to us-it has been over a month now. I do miss the Royals allot.
     We started seeing the baby fawns and their Mom's closeby so when I returned home from Indiana I started putting out some corn. I am not doing it every day as the squirrels are such pigs and don't share-lol
    Surprise yesterday afternoon Mrs. Fox stopped by and found the corn I threw in the grass. Since the drought here about 3 years ago I was putting out some ears of corn and over ripe fruit for her and her family during this time-and we have enjoyed her presence at the old tree stump. (photos will enlarge)
   I put out some sweet corn and melon rinds for her this morning.


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