Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday

Hi everyone, Feels like ages since I have been here.
We have had one  of those weeks lately-a squirrel got into our transformer and blew the electric. Our coop electric co though was right out and fixed it.

Then our a/c went out during the mid 90s with high humidity-that was rough, but we got that fixed after several days, then my computer went out-geesh Murphy's law or something?? lol  I am still waiting on the part to arrive, so have not been on hubbys computer much-just pop in when he takes a business break and check emails etc.

We have new to me friends driving in from Pennsylvania this coming week-they will be here on Wednesday. They are online business friends of hubbys, and he got to visit them last summer so they decided to visit us this year. I need to look for touristy things for them in our area.
    So with the a/c on now, I have been busy cleaning. also the weeds here are soooo out of control, as we are still getting too much rain. the sweet peppers are rotting off the plants, my onions are rotting in the ground, but the excess of weeds are thriving lol

  I haven't had the chance to get to the resale shop to drop off my bag of summer clothes-hoping to be able to do that soon. Mrs. Fox is still around we see her on the property walking around, no more deer seen though-or turkeys
  I will be back soon with a better post once things get back to more normal
    Enjoy your new week ahead


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