Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday

Hi everyone, Feels like ages since I have been here.
We have had one  of those weeks lately-a squirrel got into our transformer and blew the electric. Our coop electric co though was right out and fixed it.

Then our a/c went out during the mid 90s with high humidity-that was rough, but we got that fixed after several days, then my computer went out-geesh Murphy's law or something?? lol  I am still waiting on the part to arrive, so have not been on hubbys computer much-just pop in when he takes a business break and check emails etc.

We have new to me friends driving in from Pennsylvania this coming week-they will be here on Wednesday. They are online business friends of hubbys, and he got to visit them last summer so they decided to visit us this year. I need to look for touristy things for them in our area.
    So with the a/c on now, I have been busy cleaning. also the weeds here are soooo out of control, as we are still getting too much rain. the sweet peppers are rotting off the plants, my onions are rotting in the ground, but the excess of weeds are thriving lol

  I haven't had the chance to get to the resale shop to drop off my bag of summer clothes-hoping to be able to do that soon. Mrs. Fox is still around we see her on the property walking around, no more deer seen though-or turkeys
  I will be back soon with a better post once things get back to more normal
    Enjoy your new week ahead

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rain Rain Please Go Away & Mrs. Fox

  I could count my fingers to add up the sunny days we have had here since April-I really can't remember soooo much rain going on for several months like this. 
     I am always thankful though for rain here in the Ozarks cause usually by mid June there is no rain til September or October. 
    Our ponds are full now, and I am actually amazed that most of my veggie plants are surviving.
   We are now into the Bill storm so we could get up to 6 inches of rain by end of Friday-other areas much worse I know so I am not complaining-too much that is lol-but now flooding will be occurring everywhere near me (I am up high and safe) and  and- I just really need some sunshine please. Hoping Mother Nature sees this-lol

   I did get some weeding done this week in early mornings around most of the main veggies, but I still have a huge area to clean up-will start that once the rain ends. 
     We have surprise company driving in from Pennsylvania in about 10 days or so-I clean the house better with sunshine too-lol
   This Saturday we will be going into town to celebrate our friend Mr L and his wife's 50th wedding anniversary. That is to be the first day with no rain and into the mid 90s-a steamy day for sure.

   The last few days instead of doing my crafts and fiber art, I am going through my clothes and stash of vintage linens. I have no closets what so ever in this house. so it has been challenging. We have picked up a couple vintage pieces with drawers and I did pick up two dressers from my Mom's home, but I could use one more.
      I ended up with two large piles of clothes going to the resale shop-but will have to wait til fall to take them as they are mostly sweatshirts and sweaters. In the pile is also a few vintage linens that I am just not using.
      I was able to empty two 10 gallon crocks of my clothes and get them into drawers-I have a steamer trunk I use, and we still have a very vintage dresser we brought down from Illinois. We have a huge huge crock that is a 30 gallon crock and that is where all my jeans have been. So I am going through those and getting rid of jeans that don't fit-except that is my Victoria Secret Jeans I bought years ago, and grew out of about 9 years ago-I don't have it in me to sell those yet-and I have lots of money invested in those too, and I love how Victoria Secrets jeans fit.  I plan to work on losing some inches in the next year-and then re evaluate those.
   So do you have clothes that you just can't part with?? I have finally gotten rid of most of my clothes that I was still wearing from my 20s and 30s-most were handmade clothes. I have always pretty much been the same weight since my college days in '67 and '68 too thin at times, but pretty much could wear the same clothes size all these years. These past 2 years I have gained inches and some extra weight that I need to take care of soon. Actually it just seems more noticeable to me now,  but I went up about 1/2 size from most of my Victoria Secret jeans-and also a few of those were bought when I was just too thin, so won't get that thin again-but don't want to sell those either-lol-may need to make me something with those couple jeans that are really small.
      I have 4 handmade blouses that are still in good shape to send to the resale shop-that was hard to do as well. We are both pack rats by nature-and we just have too much stuff with no place to put it. So this year my plan is to do more serious destashing also of those vintage small items we have collected over the last 33 years lol
   Now getting hubby to downsize is another story lol

I had stopped putting corn out for the wildlife a few weeks ago, especially after our geese pair left and did not return to us-it has been over a month now. I do miss the Royals allot.
     We started seeing the baby fawns and their Mom's closeby so when I returned home from Indiana I started putting out some corn. I am not doing it every day as the squirrels are such pigs and don't share-lol
    Surprise yesterday afternoon Mrs. Fox stopped by and found the corn I threw in the grass. Since the drought here about 3 years ago I was putting out some ears of corn and over ripe fruit for her and her family during this time-and we have enjoyed her presence at the old tree stump. (photos will enlarge)
   I put out some sweet corn and melon rinds for her this morning.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Home Again-Catch Up

  It is always soooo good to be back home again, especially from the Greyhound rides.

  As I have mentioned before I have been riding Greyhound buses ever since 1967 when I was in college. Didn't have a car back then so easier to ride Greyhound to visit home. Through the years where ever I have lived I always took Greyhound to visit back home. I am not a strong driver and also would not want to drive long hours by myself-especially now since I am older. However in all these years this is the worse trip I have ever taken. These trips are always long do to the layovers between buses, but as Mitch had mentioned in comments in my last post-this would be an endurance test for sure.
   Not to bore you with the play by play let me just say out of the 6 buses (3 going and 3 coming back) only one bus was as it should be-on time, and a comfortable ride. The other 5 buses-one driver did not know how to get to the Chicago bus terminal so she asked passengers for help, thankfully there was a chicago person on board she was also running 2 hours late so I missed my last connection home,        another bus the driver didn't know how to get to Gary Indiana terminal so he took us an hour and half the wrong direction so our bus was 3 hours late getting in, Thankfully the girl going to Gary knew the way-her poor sister ended up waiting for her for over 3 hours and she did not have cell phone to know what was happening.
      another bus they called in a driver from his vacation so he said he was taking his time-I got in a half hour late, 
     my last bus home the driver never showed up to work so two hours later we finally got a driver-and he did not know the route, I had to show him the way to my stop, and his bus lost the a/c two stops back-quite the endurance and patience test for sure.
    This was the first time in a long time I got major "bus sick" (car sick) not good. and this was a hard trip since the turn around was real short-these bones can't take that anymore lol I seriously believe that this will by my last Greyhound trip ever-will have to figure out another way to get back home if I need to.

     By the time visitation and services were held I had just gotten off the bus and into my hotel room three hours earlier-I managed that somehow without making a fool of my self.
   The services for Mom were lovely, We had asked for no flowers but donations to her favorite library instead. There was a large gathering of co-workers, friends, and family. I was so pleased that most all my cousins were there (brothers and sisters of my Mom's brother) I was not expecting that. Also one of my favorite cousins was their with her granddaughter (my father's sister's daughter) and I hadn't shed a tear until my little sister's best friend came and I knew who she was right away.That was a very special moment for me (my sister was lost to a drunk driver right after her college graduation back in the late 70's and I had not seen her friend since then) 
    Some of my cousins drove long distances to attend so my brother and I invited them to meet up for dinner at a local restaurant. This group of us has not been all together for at least 20 to 25 years so a wonderful catch up. I really enjoyed that allot.  I got back to my hotel room around 9:30pm and definately fell right to sleep

     Every thing is fine now between my brother and I, I was pretty upset with him for awhile on the way he was handling some things-but that is all clarified and in the past now. He had Mason things to do on my last day there after our morning of business and graveside services, so he dropped me off at one of my blog friend's home-Carol after I took him out to lunch.
     I didn't bring a camera along so no photos to share, and where I live smart phones don't really work and I really don't need one with our lifestyle so no photos that way either, but Carol, her husband and I had a wonderful visit, supper, and and they gave me a ride back to the Greyhound station. Thanks so much again Carol for everything. Isn't it always so special to hook up with a blog friend?

  Still very hot and humid here as it was the last day I had in Indiana, but surprise the a/c was working-thank you thank you hubby for that. Our house has been closed up so when I walked in the air smells really "musty" so I have some catch up cleaning to do this coming week-but so happy the air was back on-that will help with air quality too.

  I think I will need the weekend to catch up on sleep and food and to start feeling not sick again. Hope so as I have a little weeding in the veggie garden to catch up on and also lots of weed spraying to do as well around the house-but I see we have lots of rain chances coming back into the weather forecast.

      I also wanted to mention if you did not read my last post-that I had a major virus in my main email account so if you have kathyinozarks in your address book please take that out and replace it with packerfan1  emails are still messed up with my etsy account so that is on vacation mode and also facebook is messed up too til we create another email for those accounts. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Update: Your Comments Shoud Work Now Catch Up, a Little Spinning and Email Woes

 I thought I had changed my email where I needed to, but forgot to go into settings and in comments change my email there too-so if you tried to leave a comment before it should work now-thanks and big hugs and thank yous to my friend Karen H to help me test things out-I had three different spots to change my email in settings-

                          Good morning Sunday
I thought I would do a little catch up blog before I leave on my Greyhound bus trip back home to Indiana.

Still continue to get sooo much rain here. There was flooding around me down by the rivers but nothing severe like in Oklahoma and Texas-but still just too much rain. The ranchers here are having a difficult time getting their hay cut as we have not yet had three days in a row with no rain. Yesterday and today though no rain as of yet but very hot and humid-mid 90's today.

We had another nice visit from one of our friends up in northern Illinois where we lived before retirement. Larry had just been feeling well enough to fix the brush hog-as we have not been able to do any mowing here, so you can imagine how tall it had gotten-over waist high. Larry had cut around the house before our friend arrived but then our friend spent an entire day on the old Ford tractor cutting most of the rest, which he totally enjoyed. Big thank yous again to him.

One of the next things we need to get fixed is our central a/c it just started getting really uncomfortable here yesterday with the high humidity and near 90 f and today more of the same but much warmer.

At the end of last month I needed to get a pair of glasses re adjusted. These were new glasses 3 years ago now and just could not get them to sit on my face right so I could see out of them I have also had really bad allergies which has affected my eyes too. So I decide to go back, and boom down I fell on their concrete step. This is one step that comes up out of no where and I always forget about it-but in the past have always caught myself before falling-not this time-I went down hard on both knees and both hands-ouch is right. So thankful nothing is broken.
     My one knee is still sore inside, and I ended up with a big hole at the bottom of my right hand. This ended up getting infected-so I put an herbal drawing salve on it for two days and went on some old antibiotics that I had. That is finally healing over now. Thank goodness.

I have security on my computer but somehow I picked up a major virus in the main email I use. I was getting over 200 spams for two days in a row even after running extra security stuff and spybot. The third day my computer started doing really crazy stuff and I was locked out of that email. So I called my provider yesterday and he highly suggested I delete that email-sigh double sigh-it will take me awhile to change allot of business stuff. So the email you have been using for me has now been changed. I changed it here in my settings, so it should go into my alternate email. Just so you know if I am in your address book to take that out as I have a new one now. tech stuff-not fun at all sometimes.

I did just finish up with a new book. The Host by the same author that wrote the Twilight series. I bought this since I so enjoyed the Twilight books. This was a sci fi book, and it took me several tries to get into the book. The first chapters I read a couple times cause I couldn't figure out what was going on. Once I read further into the book, the better the story became and I loved the ending. She also included a second ending which I have not read yet. This book unlike her Twilight books-I could put down for awhile but it was still well written and a good love story.

As to my veggie garden-still enjoying fresh greens which will come to an end soon, onions, swiss chard and beets growing well. Do to all the rain I have lost a few of my tomato plants and my beans so need to dry out-since I have been amending the soil with compost and straw these last three years, they are doing better than I have expected. With the cooler weather than usual and all the rain I have had a good crop of my snow peas-so we have been enjoying those in stir frys and salads and was even able to freeze some.

For my trip-I need to pack up today after trying out my clothes one more time to make sure everything goes together ok. Charge up the cell phone we use for trips, and pack up some food for the bus rides.
   The most difficult part of this trip will be to stay awake for 24 hours or more as these are both all night bus trips with long layovers. I feel that I am mentally ready though. I also will be meeting one of my new blog friends who just happens to live nearby, so I am really looking forward to that part of my little trip. 
    Wednesday will be a really long day-so much planned starting very early in the day, so I had seriously thought of staying one more night for a really good nite's sleep before coming home-but then the check out is 11 am and still a night bus at 8:30pm on that day too-with nothing planned-so decided to stick with my original arrangements.

    I am hoping once I get back home things will settle down to more normal again. In July we have friends from Pennsylvania driving in for a visit, and I have my Fiber U spinning class to look forward to. Also this month our friend Mr L and his wife celebrate 50 years together-their son is having a party for them

  After packing this morning I dug out my little bag of wool I had natural dyed with pokeberry last year-loving the color, still working on my drafting to get my yarn thinner-hand spuns are always great for weaving saori when they are still not even


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