Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Total Awesomeness From Across the Ocean

Don't you just feel really special when you live in the States and get a parcel in the mail that says Royal Mail?? I always treasure that.

My friend Shroo and I did an art swap-I am in love with all of Rachael's art, and my favorites are her handmade journals She recently posted several in her Etsy shop and I just really fell in love; one especially. I am not shy-lol-and asked her if she would like to do a swap instead of exchanging money-and she said yes and would add some surprises too. 

So I set up a package for her filled with my art dyed cloth and nature printing, hand dyes etc. and today my parcel arrived.

   This happy mail arrived on a day where I really needed to feel the love-Larry will be recovering for some time now, he was really sick with the pneumonia, and I got hit with an allergy attack yesterday. 
    We are both on the mends now-but I can see this will be slow going.

  I knew this package would be filled with awesomeness, love, and surprises so I grabbed a cup of mullien tea, my camera and I really took my time to enjoy everything-no rushing. 

     Here are the photos and I just loved and really enjoyed all the packaging details. I also wanted a photo record so I could go back and enjoy and absorb all this loveliness again.

(photos will enlarge)

A too sweet teddy bear and beautiful packages waiting to be opened:

Inside: this lovely skein of silk yarn-so soft-and the perfect colors for my up coming saori weaving project on my  mini loom

I love this little cat bead-sorry picture not super clear (I may need to update this photo)-this bag filled with awesome beads and charms, many of the beads look handmade too 

Inside: handmade jewelry by Shroo-love this too 

Inside: this lovely journal I fell in love with, Shroo also made me a handmade pouch to protect my journal when carrying in my purse or bag.

Yep still more surprises in my awesome parcel

Inside: pieces of her art work for me to "play" with-adult coloring pages-

This piece is sooo special-I will be looking for a frame

and inside this parcel: Shroo made me an art tile from one of my photos that I had shared of our deer-she sent along a stand for it as well-It already is sitting in the perfect spot for me to enjoy every day-too awesome my friend!

So this was just all so amazing-I now feel like I am a Royal-big hugs and love to my friend Rachael and the Colonel


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