Monday, May 4, 2015

Rough Weekend and Surprises from Greece

Happy Monday everyone.  We all go through it, a loved one ill and in the hospital but things are getting back to normal today.

   Husband has been ill for awhile now, just not himself, not feeling well and we just didn't know what it was. Friday around supper time his temperature had gone up and I decided it was time to go to the ER which we do not use very often.
    We have not had to use this for 5 or 6 years now and I was so greatful that things were so much more efficient and more professional unlike our last visit. The ER doctors were excellent, read the information we gave the first nurse-and acted wisely on it. Larry gets pneumonia instead of a cold or flu type illness, do to his scuba diving experiences in his youth. 
    I stayed with him til almost midnight when they finally got him in admitted to the hospital. He got released late yesterday afternoon-took a shower-and finally got a good nights rest.
    He should be taking it more easy today for sure-but he is catching up on work-sigh Another week of antibiotics and steroids to get his lung cleared.

   On a fun note for me, I have been doing a couple trades for items I wanted to destash but not selling. My friend In Greece  Ariadne chose some packages of clear stamps I had for sea glass she has collected-so when her package arrived today all I could say first was WOW !  and I can see some of these pieces going into my stone work on the walls around our bathtub too (search tool rock shower for photos) Thank you so much again I am totally thrilled, hope you love your stamps as much as I love what you shared with me.

This season I decided to plant my veggie garden and flowers according to the moon signs. The last few days were for planting root crops and transplanting-so early mornings I worked on getting flowers into their pots. Finishing that up today. The 1st of May was good for planting the garden with for above ground veggies and plants but it is too dry here and with the weekend as it was decided not to do that.
      Next moon dates for planting root crops is the 7th and the 8th, 11th and 13th for vine crops and transplanting, and late root crops. 16th and 17th for transplanting, or root crops, and the 20th and 21st a big planting period for above ground crops-we should be getting some much needed rain end of this week which will make for better planting. 

    We have turned quite hot and humid now over the weekend-and our ac broke end of last season so will need to look into that soon for Larry.

As to the Royals, I am thinking today they are back from their little mini vacation to try another nest of eggs. They have checked out their nest this morning, and are staying on the property today too, swimming in the ponds and just "hanging out".  I may need to have a talk with them, as I think they pulled out my impatients out of their pots that I just planted late yesterday-just the right height for them too.

How have you all been? Gardening??  Happy Spring everyone.




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