Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Had my Bear Piece Framed

  Last November during "deer camp" one of our friends saw my bear fiber art piece and loved it-he said you need to get that framed. I was thinking of it but probably too costly for me to do was my reply. 
   So he says I want to buy you the frame as a gift and will bring it down in the spring. I suggested a barnwood frame and to look for a sale price. So our friend had brought the frame down last month when they came for a visit and a couple weeks ago I took it in to be framed
   We have a very very old paint and glass business in the nearby town that also does framing and a neighbor here said she has always been pleased with the price and their work.
    I picked it up today, and I must say I love the way it came out. I did a good job choosing the matting color which took me a bit of time to do when I dropped it off. I also upgraded the glass to a non glare glass, and I love love the frame it is in.
    All the fabrics except the wool bears I hand dyed. I added in lots of needle felting with wool, cotton, and silk noil for embellishments. This was an applique quilt pattern that I changed up a bit with my fabrics and needle felting.
      This is my first ever framed art work and I must say it makes me happy. (photo will enlarge)

   I also spotted this beautiful bird outside our bedroom window. I think this is a thrush We have a couple pairs here that nest but they are a shy bird and don't usually see them up close like this.

Geesh going to town for the monthly supplies is getting to be quite the job. Takes allot of time to shop and then just as much time to get all put away. 
       Lots more rain coming in wednesday evening through the weekend-I have much gardening to do so hoping I can work over the weekend and the following week.


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