Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Saturday and Still Wanting to Destash-or Swap More Items

  Good morning Saturday, a lovely cool and welcome rainy kinda day.  
   I got hit really hard with allergies a couple days ago, so was still slow moving getting up and at'em-the "Royals" were waiting for their morning corn and the Hummingbird's favorite feeders were empty. 
   What I love about the geese is they never over eat, they don't gorge and eat all of it like the deer, raccoons, and squirrels do. We have three large plump red squirrels that park themselves on the stump in the afternoon and eat all of it-amazes me how much food they put away. lol Soon we should be seeing some does and their fawns arriving.

   After their breakfast the Royals were enjoying a swim in the pond up near the house. I really enjoy having them here.

   The other night when I was so stuffed up and coughing when I tried to sleep I decided to sew up blocks for one of the Turning 20 quilts. The block design is super easy which I love for a quick quilt, and there are 16 blocks all the same and then 4 slightly different. So the 4 odd blocks are going to be the embroidered blocks. That night I got all 16 sewn up, and then last night I started embroidering one more that I need for this quilt. I decided to use two blocks with the bears and two blocks with the man in the canoe-I need allot of the canoe blocks embroidered up-to make the 3 quilts. So I started on that yesterday-a good project when I want to accomplish something but don't really feel all that great. Today is a good day for me to work on that again and watch pbs quilt shows, food network Pioneer Woman, and then switch over to Hallmark channels. We are also to have rain off and on through Monday.

    Any of you that weave or quilt I still have items in my shop I really want to find new homes for Here is the link to the supplies section in my Etsy shop.
      I am very negotiable at this point-so I am willing to bargain down prices or swap for weaving yarns, handspuns, or beads and such just contact me.
     I have the very last box of organic cotton perfect for stuffing baby toy animals and such, quilt fabrics, and weaving patterns, and soap molds. I have Lots of soap molds I want to sell. these are quality Milky Way Molds that I can ship cheaper if you buy more than one. and I have lots so if interested contact me for what I have. I am selling the  molds for around $5.00 each plus shipping they sell for double that. These are perfect for melt and pour glycerin soaps, but can also be used for hot or cold process-just need to oil the molds well and watch your pour temp. so as not to warp the molds with that soap method. I have allot of guest soap shapes which make nice bath bombs too.
    I also have Lots of fragrance oils too-way too many for me to be able to use up-so contact me on what I have of those too.

I was able to harvest lots of lovely greens for steaming and freezing this morning, and another batch for fresh salads and eating. We have had the perfect spring for growing the mini bok choy and spring greens.

Enjoy your weekend-and to all you Mothers-Happy Mother's Day


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