Thursday, April 2, 2015

Warping for Mini Loom-Saori Style

  It is gloomy outside and the weather feels strange cause another big storm approaching us for this evening-so definately not in the mood to house clean.

  and the house was pretty dark this morning so did not want to get back to threading my 30" loom-soooo didn't feel like sewing either, so decided to look for yarn in my stash for the warp threads for my little 8" 4 harness loom.
   The warp threads is what goes on to the loom, so it needs to be strong. I am going to try out the saori weaving technique-which is free weaving-go with the flow-don't over think it-no rules-just do it.
   So not wanting to over think the colors of the warp too much I mostly needed to find a yarn for a 15 set-or 15 threads per inch-since that is what my reed is for this little loom. I grabbed a couple skeins of a  beautiful blue wool-I picked it up a couple years ago from a rural museum that had been given a donation of someone's weaving studio. I found out about it towards the end but still came away with some beautiful yarns. Most of the weaving yarns were from Sweden.  This pretty blue was in hanks-so needed to put it into a ball first before I could easily put it on my warping board.
     In all the weaving I have done, I have never used different colors in my warp-I have always put the color in the weft threads-so today I decided to go for it, and found a pretty green and white wool that was pretty close to the same size yarn as the blue. 
   I am really not big on stripes but I decided on 20 ends blue-20 ends green-white-40 ends blue-20 ends green-white-and 20 ends blue.  This was a good decision as the 4 ounces of blue would not have been enough for all the warp ends.
   I just took a photo, still need to add on the last blue. Thinking this project will be inspired by Spring in the Ozarks. Beautiful blue sky, fresh green grass, leaves, and other botanicals coming to life. Will add in lots of browns and greys too I think to reflect the woods and the wildlife here. 
    For the pattern I went to my favorite book of all A Handweaver's Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davidson. It is the book I always go to for a weaving pattern.
      I chose Fancy Herringbone on page 53.  The threading also has three different treadling patterns as well so this will give me several options to play with-in this piece. It is a subtle pattern so am just going to go for it and see how this turns out-as the weft will be a mix of all sorts of fibers.
    I decided to put on a long warp but now that I look at it-ooops it may be too much for this little loom to all fit on the back beam-guess I will find out, sure do not want to have to re warp this. More I look at this-will be a tight fit.

Just a note, I don't know what is going on with my email, but when I reply to your comment through email I am getting this message from Norton security that I am sending out too many emails so won't deliver my email to you-have no clue what that is all about-and right now have no clue how to even fix that-any ideas please????


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