Thursday, April 9, 2015

Violet Sugar

  It feels like a hot muggy summer day here in the Ozarks. Things are brewing for some more major storms for the next 10 days or so. I am not crazy about the storms but it is much better than the snow storms I am reading about from my Canada friends. We have had very very strong winds all day today.

   This morning after reading my friend's post here at Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains about her wild violet flower syrup and sugar I just had to go out for a walk and see if mine were in bloom. and They were!  
    Mine are not in abundance but I am always able to pick enough blooms to make something fun with in the spring.

   Last year I made a violet flower jam that I canned in little 1/4 pint jars that turned out really lovely, so after seeing the beautiful violet sugar I just needed to make up a small batch. Isn't this pretty??

   Since I have to watch the sugars for Larry, I used half organic sugar and half splenda with lots of violet petals. I think the splenda made this mixture more moist than just sugar alone.
     You take off the petals and only use those. Whirl up in your processor with the sugar. I looked online on how to handle this so nothing would mold, and I found to lay this out on parchment paper-and if you have an oven with a pilot light on-just place in there an hour or two til dry-then whirl up again, and store in a glass jar in cool dark place. Will keep til next spring-if it lasts that long. If you do not have a pilot just warm up your oven on low and then turn off the heat-check back in an hour and repeat as necessary.

   What do you do with this beautiful sugar you ask?? Great in a cup of tea, sprinkle on top of a white frosting, sprinkle with cinnamon on toast, sprinkle on fresh fruit, sprinkle in your yogurt-where ever you need a little pretty.


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