Thursday, April 2, 2015

I know it's Spring as the Storms Have Arrived & Catch Up-Beads Photo Added

    I have completed my craft room for the most part now. I have little areas now that I can easily get to and work. 
       A clear path to my large vintage oak desk-my  main sewing area and work area. I set up the sewing table that was my Mom's in front of one of the windows-where I can play with my little loom and play with my blending board to create wool rolags-roving for spinning. 
     Also a spot to spin, and a pretty clear path now to my big loom-although I have a huge box of leather that I need to take outside and get the mold off of-will just use  a weak bleach water solution to clean with-once dry that can go back into the steamer trunk with the rest of the leather.
    I also have a vintage school desk from my old high school in Mishawaka, Indiana-when they took out all the original desks and converted to modern ones my brother who worked at the school was able to purchase a couple of them. This has a little oak chair I use (need two desks to have the seat) where I can sit down and run wool through cutters for rug hooking, and I am now thinking for weaving saori too. (one of the cutters was my Mom's, she had worn out her cutters so I bought new-larger ones. and I had found one at a garage sale that holds two cutters, so I had bought two different sizes for that one)
    So I am quite pleased with my week's work. 

Yesterday I went to the resale shop and was able to drop off two boxes to sell. I ended up putting allot of bags of quilt fabrics in there-cause they  just need new homes. I still have a box with must go items-that I have decided to just take to the resale shop-we can drop off every other week-this week was unusual to be able to drop off two boxes-they had gotten low in stock over winter.  I was not looking to buy anything new to bring into my craft room unless it was really special-like wool for weaving or quality beads. 
     I put all the beads away and didn't think to take a photo first-but I am so happy with my find.
     I found a bag with quality glass beads and a dozen or more of trader beads-and these look vintage-most were the long curved beads-also in the bag were several very large round trader beads. In the bag also, was a lovely collection of shells already drilled for using in crafts-and were different than what I already have. These will compliment the shells I had--collecting for my wool crazy quilt purse with an under water scene in beads, vintage, and embroidery.
     My friend has a quicker eye than I do when we go together shopping so she usually grabs the best first-but she had no interest in this bag, she did not know anything about trader beads, so when I got to that area-it was waiting for me-lucky me!
   At our other favorite shop which benefits the animal shelters in the area, I found a huge cone of yarn for weaving-I need to do the burn test to see if it is wool or not but it is really fine yarn, fuzzy and the set is 30 ends per inch so very fine. It was white and only $5.00. When I see white I always think of dye possibilities.
   I also was in need of "new" cloth napkins. I serve lunch every day to our apprentice and hubby and I prefer using cloth napkins instead of paper--so between the two resale shops I was able to pick up several napkins.

  I had hoped to continue spading my veggie garden when we got home, but as soon as I put my "farm" clothes on it started to rain--and continued raining heavier and heavier with hail all the way til 8 pm that was allot of rain and more to come today. 
      I tried to get a photo of the hail and all the rain coming down through the bay window.
      This morning we had a lovely sunrise-as you can see still red-so more storms coming in today and tonight.
   Spring has arrived in the Ozarks

I took a photo of a few of the beads-the little bags are tiny glass beads, a few of the shells, and some of the trader beads I paid $10.00 for a full quart size baggie filled with lots of shells all sizes these beads, a few little jewelry findings, and little trinket type things in jewelry  making.


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