Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Tuesday & Gardening and Weaving Thoughts

Happy Tuesday everyone

  This morning early I was determined to get the last of the hand spading finished up in my little veggie garden. The springs here go by so quickly before you know it and usually goes right into a hot summer. So being able to get the usual spring garden activities finished has been difficult for me here in Missouri-just really different than what I grew up with in the upper midwest.

   So anyways I have been working to get the sprouted green cover crop of oats turned over before it gets too tall. The last section was just that-growing thick and getting taller with all the warmer weather and rains, and very difficult to rake out the loose straw.
      I had been raking up the straw, and then putting it back on top of the spaded ground- finally was able to get that finished this morning. The air is heavy polluted with all things allergies too, so figured this last bit was going to get done at first light-and it happened. Happy Dancin  lol

   The other night I started back having problems with Miss Jenny Ashley spinning wheel again-the bobbin inside my new flyer does not want to spin independently of the flyer-so that means I can not spin and the yarn does not want to go onto the bobbin. So I oiled and lightly rubbed the flyer with a thin steel wool and so now that part seems to work. But it still won't work-so thinking I am back to the brake issue. I  may need to upgrade that nylon string on the braking system, cause I have had this problem before-but I was quite frustrated and still am that I can't get this to work right. Best thing for me in this situation is to walk away and think about it for a bit.

    So as not to get myself frustrated the last couple days I have turned to my weaving library, especially for inspiration on garment patterns to use with my future saori style handwovens.
     I have the first 10 or 15 years of the magazine Handwoven and several issues after that. Also back in the '80's and a little in the '90's I had purchased several of their special booklets with patterns for clothing etc.
      Reading allot of these patterns again now-I can remember now why I have not made any of these garments.
     I know how to sew clothes from a well written pattern, I am no designer though for creating patterns. Most of these patterns for clothing, are quite difficult for me to grasp, the diagrams are so tiny for the layouts of the garment-one would need to blow these all up to size to even use them and then for sure make a practice piece before weaving for the garment. It may be time to start selling some of these off.
    I also got out my saori weaving book-I had splurged and bought the first issue last year. Most of this book was about how to use their loom-which I don't have, but I like the book for the understanding of the saori mindset of weaving, and they do have some clothing patterns as well in this book. Re reading these again, these patterns make much more sense to me and I think may be doable for me to try.

    I was reading through ebay listings over the weekend on weaving tools, books etc, and ran into something I had never seen before. 
     These are actual pattern pieces designed for handwoven garments. So far I have seen for skirts, blouses, and coats. Also published by Interweave Press back in the '80s I think it said. Of course some of these are rather expensive but I love this idea so much better-an actual pattern-like a sewing pattern for clothing. Included in each pattern packet is a special tracing fabric so as not to cut into the actual pattern, Also included is a booklet on how to sew with your own handwovens.
     I decided to go ahead and purchase the pattern for coats. I wouldn't make the skirts, but the blouse pattern looked nice too, both of these look like they can modified for different garment styles.
   Here is a photo of the pattern, it has two flowing cover ups and a vest

     I am thinking of using this pattern for saori cloth that I weave. Anxious to get this now and see how it looks. Are any of you that weave familiar with these patterns? They are written by Jean Scorgie  If anyone is interested, after I purchased this pattern, I found a listing with all three patterns-that I may pick up and then sell the skirt pattern and the cover up pattern-cheaper than just buying the blouse pattern.

   Any of you weavers that see this post, what are your thoughts on the Handwoven garment patterns? Have you had good luck using the patterns for your garment making??

   We have a couple days this week, including today with highs in the 80s and very very thick air-which will bring in more t storms--so this week I just gotta start getting the house ready for out of state company.

   Have an awesome Tuesday



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