Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good Morning Tuesday & Just a Little Catch Up

  We finally are getting some sunshine and warm weather coming in end of this week-both most welcome  At least no snow here as I am reading some of you are still getting-sigh

   Sir John and Izzy have set up nesting else where, but they must be close as they are both coming up to eat the corn in the morning early and just before dark in the evening-so I am enjoying seeing them. I am guessing they must have decided to set up their nest in the woods, better I don't know where I think so not disturbed.

  A few more hummingbirds have arrived but so far nothing like last year. We were warmer last year and I think they had a very early breeding of young ones-which really adds to the numbers at the feeders.

   I am still so hooked on reading the Twilight books-I just started reading the 4th book. An excellent author for sure-the books just flow so well, and I can't put the books down once I have started.

  Once it warms up this morning, I will be working in the veggie gardens Thinking of planting my beans and cucumbers by weeks end as it will be much warmer by then and possibly a little rain on Monday 
   I have allot of young greens and baby bok choy ready to harvest that I am thinking of steam blanching and freezing-will be good for soups I think. In a couple days the bok choy especially will bolt with the warmer temperatures. I also have a Japanese veggie press that I am thinking of using to make a batch of cultured veggies.

      I was checking local prices on the big bags of miracle grow potting soil and a couple items and found an organic weed killer named Avenger which is totally organic and uses citrus oils-pricey for sure (but so is roundup) but I decided to order a gallon concentrate which is the best price offering and I found it at Wal Mart online delivered for free with the best price. The link will take you to the product information-here is a little excerpt:  Avenger Weed Killer is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide that quickly and effectively kills weeds, grasses and broadleaves without causing harm to the environment. The active ingredient d-limonene (citrus oil) naturally strips away the waxy plant cuticle, causing it to dehydrate and die. University and independent testing results prove that Avenger Weed Killer is as effective, but faster acting when compared against leading synthetic herbicides. When tested against non-organic "natural" herbicides that contain vinegar (acetic acid), citric acid, clove oil or fatty acids (soap), it is more effective with quicker results. It's great for use in a variety of places, including gardens, lawns, shrubs, driveways, patios, mulch beds, fencerows, buildings, golf courses, athletic fields, bike and hiking trails, animal enclosures and more.
       Have any of you used it? I have allot to clear and just so dislike using roundup especially since it was originally made and used in the Viet Nam war to defoliate the trees-horrible stuff.  I need to clear the areas outside of my fenced in veggie garden again-where I want to plant some herbs and wildflowers for the birds, butterflies, and bees.

  When I was in town yesterday morning, I also dropped off my finished fiber piece with the bears, hand dyed fabrics, and needle felting to be framed. Our friends from Wisconsin gifted me with a beautiful barnwood frame for this piece. 
     I found out about this place that does framing really reasonable; was very pleased with the lady that helped me. I actually had a difficult time choosing the right color of mat-I found a yellow green that matched perfectly with the leaves in my piece, but I was concerned the eye would go right to the mat instead of my piece-so went with a tan mat. I was looking for a mat to match the frame colors but nothing worked that I liked.
     So now I am anxious to see it all put together. I also splurged and bought non glare glass which I like better than regular glass. So am excited about this.

  Over the weekend I cut enough shirtings and homespuns for two quilts, and am now working on getting enough for the 3rd one-this will make quite a dent in my stash and get quilts to use and gifts made.

    That's about it for my update. Have an awesome Tuesday everyone.



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