Friday, April 17, 2015

Good Morning Friday

  Wanted to pop in and say hello-and Happy Weekend

   Been seriously cleaning and scrubbing most of this week for our out of state friends that will begin arriving later today. This forces me to do a good spring cleaning which otherwise would probably get put off til later. and it's getting harder as I get older-I am old school and sit on the floors to scrub them clean. but am happier with the results. and I have a sign on the door to remind the guys-please wipe your boots well before entering-we have so much mud here and I want to keep things looking clean at least til my friends arrive lol.
   We have allot of rain and storms moving in tomorrow-which is a bummer as we were hoping to go fishing and enjoy the outdoors more-but doesn't look like a total wash out.

   I was delighted to sell a few more destash items which enabled me to purchase some of the new to me sewing patterns designed for handwovens-I am really excited about these.
      I also finally won a bid on ebay for romney raw fleece. It has been going pretty high and I have a dollar amount set  for  me stick with. After communicating with the seller I discovered she was a young 4 H 'er and this was part of her project to sell the wool from the sheep she raised. So I know it will be wonderful. I haven't been able to win white fleece yet, but this is a light grey so I think I can still dye it.
     I also received the rare wool from England that I had purchased over a month ago on etsy-(she gave me a really really good price and the cheapest shipping available. It is a rare breed ronaldsay  I love their story so was anxious to work with some of it-the link will tell you all about them.
   I am definately now all set with lots of wool to spin and weave with so must now refrain from purchasing more. 

   A few veggie seeds are coming up in the two raised beds and in my mini greenhouses-I have a few things from the plastic jugs that need to get planted. Of course I am way behind on the outside work do to all the rain and cold here. 
   Still watching out for the hummingbirds to arrive-I have one feeder up to keep an eye out. A few deer visitors still, now mostly small groups of last years offspring as their mothers are now giving birth to new fawns. and Sir John and Izzy are mostly nesting now.

  I am off for a few more things to do this morning to get ready.

   Oh and I am soooo hooked on reading the Twilight books the author is excellent. Hubby found 3 of the books at a garage sale for fifty cents-and I can't put the books down they are soooo good and better than the movies. I ordered the 3rd one on Amazon. Nice to read the story all at once-and it totally flows from one book to the next.

  and I wanted to share the amazing butterfly my friend Monique made with my handmade papers. She makes such beautiful jewelry.

Enjoy your weekend!! any plans??


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