Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brrrrr It Has Gotten Quite Chilly Cold Here

  The weather has had it's ups and downs with rain, wind storms etc, but this morning a frost-wow was not expecting that but it has happened here even a freeze as late as mid May some years. The result though is a very chilly home now.

  We have seen a handful of hummingbirds this week, they are returning later than usual perhaps they know it is cold now-15 degrees cooler than normal.

   Our Wisconsin friends returned home Monday morning, and our Chicago friend came in late Sunday night to stay a week. Always a good visit with friends-good eats and good conversations-catching up from last year. We really enjoy it when our friends stay for a visit.

   I was hoping to do some gardening tasks this week but so far just too cold along with strong wind gusts-not for me-need to wait til it warms up again. I did finish sewing all those 4 inch squares together so I now have a big quilt backing. I will be checking the embroidery blocks I have been working on and see how many more I will need to finish. I am going to follow the Turning 20 original quilt pattern for the most part. The embroidered blocks should be really close to the same size as one of the quilt blocks in the pattern. I am going to soak the embroidered pieces first to rinse out the blue pattern and then either onion dye these or tea dye them so all that white background won't jump out of the quilt.

   I was so pleased to learn that our friends from Wisconsin take an exit off the highway which is right where one of my cousins live. I am passing down family heirlooms including our great grandmother's quilt and several of my Mom's lovely quilts too-so instead of mailing-and there was allot-our friends met my cousin for the delivery-this makes me feel so good and relieved that these treasures are passed on now. I do still have one more box that needs to go to him-dishes that came with our great grandparents family from Europe but I didn't think they would have room left and when they did I didn't have time to go through that-so we can do that in November.

  Hubby is still not feeling well-he is not in pain from his neck any more, but he is just not doing well. We see our doctor for check ups in a few weeks so hopefully we can learn more.

  Sir John and Izzy are still sitting their eggs, we had deer visitors again last night, also still many fat red squirrels that like to "hog" all the corn. The redbuds are leafing out now, the dogwoods are in bloom, and most of bushes and trees are beginning to really leaf out now-not the oaks yet though.

    It looks like I am rambling on now-lol  Have an awesome week everyone.


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